So Disgusted I Could Spit

Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning
Bradley Edward Manning (born December 17, 1987) is a United States Army soldier who was arrested in May 2010 in Iraq on suspicion of having passed classified material to the website WikiLeaks. | Photo: Associated Press | Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, Army, Traitor, Iraq,

Where is the humanity? How can they do this?

The attack helicopter indiscriminately spraying a street in Iraq that killed a number of people including two Reuters reporters had the pilot laughing above calling them "dead bastards."

Bradley Manning revealed this tape to the world and is going to spend a major part of his life in jail for it.

I don't want to live in a country that sends people to jail for revealing the truth.

Manning should be convicted and sent to jail for two years (minimum security) and then given a medal for revealing to the public what the government it claims to represent has been doing in our name.

Isn't it ironic, isn't it horrifying, that all your past delusions about this country, that it's based on truth and justice, is bogus, actually a mockery, a travesty. Commentators on the Fox News Nazi-style broadcast run by the corporate Godfather Rupert Murdoch called for Manning to be lined up against a wall and shot, or secretly murdered in an alley somewhere, wherever they could truck him in secret.

Think of their desire, a secret democracy murdering people in secret because the person revealed the secrets about their secret criminal wrongdoing. The Fox News lynch team were serious about this.

The truth has become a crime.

The country has crossed over the final dividing line between humanity or a semblance of it and totalitarianism. Our enemies have won in a sense because we're so afraid of them we've decided (our government has) to become more like them. Forgotten is the pledge of 10 years ago that "if we don't resume our lives as we normally do then the terrorists win."

Here we have the ultimate Orwellian patronage system. An empire of bureaucrats and soldiers maintaining unsuccessfully a secret system of world domination and military action without your knowledge because they know if you know you might not approve. Anyone who reveals what the government doesn't want you to know for your own (they think) good is sent to prison or lynched if the Fox News SS team has their way.

Manning was held for three years before his sentencing.

This country is making me sick. No doubt some fascist who reads this will respond, "Why don't you leave then," or in other words, my country right or wrong, I don't care. My response to the fascist is, "You should be the one to leave." Because this country was supposed to be an enlightened freedom, that's the myth we all cherish, even you, who believe in subverting it.

Nobody in this country is safe. It will now go downhill from here. Eventually it will become illegal to express criticism like this because supposedly that aids the enemy too. It will become illegal to demonstrate against government policy because that aids our enemies. It will become illegal for news reporters to find out what the government is doing because if you know you won't support it and that aids our enemies also. The jails will fill more than they are now.

Where is the humanity? How can you send a person to jail for life for revealing the secrets of a government that claims to represent freedom to choose and freedom to know?

How can our government leaders, including so-called liberal icons like Dianne Feinstein and Obama, support a government of lies and secrets in which the claim is still made that it's a representative form of government?

How can this be, when the opening line of the old Superman TV show was "Truth, justice and the American way." Now it's "Secrecy, lies and you're better off and safer not knowing."

Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy are smiling from their graves. Their America has been proven to be the real America. They were just ahead of their time.

I'm so utterly disgusted with this country I could spit.

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