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Eric O'Neill
Eric O'Neill
Public speaker, security issues, spy hunting, counter terrorism and counter espionage - all things covert. | Photo: | Link | Eric O'neill, Fbi, Counterintelligence, Counterterrorism,

Eric O'Neill on Kevin Richard Halligen and Bradley Manning

Aaron speaks with Eric O'Neill on Kevin Richard Halligen, Bradley Manning, and matters of the current chilling covert climate.

On Eric O'Neill
Eric O'Neill is a practicing attorney who specializes in cyber security vulnerability assessments, counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations, investigations into economic espionage, internal investigations and security risk assessment consulting. Mr. O'Neill served as an operative for the F.B.I., where he conducted national security field operations against terrorists and foreign intelligence agents. His role in the investigation and capture of the most notorious spy in United States history, Robert Phillip Hanssen, became the subject of Universal Studio's movie Breach, released to critical acclaim in 2007.

Mr. O'Neill has broad legal experience in the areas of homeland security, border protection, risk and liability mitigation for anti-terrorism technologies, national security related matters and federal investigations of United States citizens and foreign nationals. Mr. O'Neill has provided counsel and litigation services on a range of legal and investigative matters, including due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, procurement fraud, internal investigations of companies and employee corruption cases. Mr. O'Neill is an accomplished public speaker who lectures internationally about security issues.

Proof the cold war isn't over: Russia backs Snowden and scoffs at diplomatic policy with the US:

' Eric O'Neill (@eoneill) August 1, 2013

On the Georgetown Group
The Georgetown Group is an investigative and security services firm that has a proven track record of finding information that gives our clients a competitive advantage. We conduct due diligence to help our clients make sound decisions before making an acquisition or adding a business partner. We conduct exhaustive background investigations on prospective employees and executives. The information gathered for use at all stages of litigation makes the difference between our clients winning and losing a legal dispute. The Georgetown Group works closely with public relations firms to help them gather and disseminate critical information to support their clients. Our security consulting services identify, address and minimize potential threats.

Due the many years of investigative and security experience accumulated by its partners, The Georgetown Group has developed an ability to find information not readily available elsewhere. We listen closely to our clients to make sure their priorities, which can often change, are our priorities.

Our clients trust The Georgetown Group to handle their most sensitive issues discreetly, professionally and effectively. Earning and keeping this trust is our most important concern.

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