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Stopping racism
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10 non-predictions for next year and the year after.

Here are 10 non-predictions for next year and the year after that. What is a non-prediction? A non-prediction is something that has happened before, is happening now, and will likely happen in the future.

Since it happened earlier, and is happening now, it's not a prediction. Since it is bound to happen again it's more a continuance than a prediction, but it's still a prediction because there's a possibility it might not happen.

Fat chance!

Given the almost certainty it will happen makes it a prediction fairly safe to make, because the machinery of our government makes it very unlikely any radical departure is in store. A living, breathing example is Obama, who promised change and got elected on change only to become a conservative monument to the status quo. Don't look for any change from him, from the continuance of the Patriot Act and its diminution of due process of law, to his empty recent toothless promise to reform the Orwell-like NSA spy program that puts the government at war with its own people as well as suspected terrorists.

Here are the 10 sure-bet non-predictions:

1. The US will continue to make war on or meddle in the affairs of much smaller, Third World impoverished countries, because of political differences, or we want their natural resources, those who lack a navy, air force, shoes on their feet and refrigerators. We've been in Afghanistan for a decade, and killed a number of those people, but it's not enough, enough revenge. We have to triumph over them, or at least appear to. No attempt will be made to reach a political settlement until enough people have died. Just from the standpoint of size and firepower, the US comes off looking like an imperialist bully, but our people many of them nonetheless for some reason have great pride that we are sometimes able to defeat these impoverished pygmy countries.

2. The US will just as assiduously avoid military attack on small countries that have a nuclear capability, like Iran and North Korea. Any country, even a small one, that could strike back and cause us great harm, we will treat with caution and seek a political solution.

3. The US will continue to back Israel to run wild in the Middle East pushing Palestinians out, treating them like dogs, sometimes murdering them, and building new settlements on formerly Palestinian land, which over decades is what led to the anti-American sentiment and 9-11. There's a huge difference between defending Israel's right to exist, and equipping them with sophisticated weapons so they can expand at the expense of others who have also lived in the area for centuries. There is a very powerful pro-Israel lobby on Capitol Hill championed by the likes of Joe Lieberman that makes any objective discussion of the situation impossible.
Anyone, including Obama, who criticizes Israel, is immediately branded an anti-Semite. Americans never look in a mirror when it comes to understanding how a problem came to be. They believe they are always innocent, noble, incapable of error, and that bad evil countries picked on them for no reason at all.

4. The US government and the priorities of the country will continue to be influenced by corporate lobbyists whose loyalty is to their industry and profits and not the American people. Thus, ruthless, dishonest corporations of the kind that nearly destroyed the economy will continue to hold sway. Money talks.

5. America will continue to be domestically the most violent country in the history of the world, a nation of child abusers, rapists, serial and spree killers, drive-by back shooters and gangs. Media will express shock and ask "why?" at each new atrocity, and then run the usual nightly sh't entertainment programming glorifying violence, beautiful Hollywood models and cool-dude guys with their perfectly arranged hair pointing hand guns in prime time, acting tough and yelling "freeze!" Right before a Viagra commercial.
This is a sick country with twisted values and will remain so.

6. Americans, using religion and the military, will continue to believe they are better than other people. You never hear a Frenchman say God bless France, or a Honduran say God bless Honduras, like you hear "God bless America." This fantasy supposes that the creator of all life, the God of all people, would select for special reverence a nation above all others with an artificial border created by European immigrants who purchased or out-rightly conquered it from its former owners, while also performing the extermination of its original native inhabitants.

7. Racism will continue.

8. So will sexism.

9. There will be no standard flat and fair tax for Americans, but a system that bleeds the middle class and rewards the few richest.

10. The destruction caused by global warming will race ahead of any president's attempt to deal with it and any president who tries will face the anger of the people who will call him a traitor.

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