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Barack Obama
Barack Obama
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Obama Wages War on America

All right, America, it's time to re-name this government shutdown. This is no longer the Government Shutdown - time to start calling it the Big-Government Self Justification Tour of 2013.

Since this awful shutdown began, most of America was all set to not notice in the least little President Obama has made it his personal goal to inflict as much pain on as many Americans as he possibly can in his vain attempt to make people feel this shutdown that he has sustained for so long.

The United States Senate has not passed a budget since 2009, but President Obama has never seemed to care too much...probably because, back in 2009, the Democrat-controlled Congress passed President Obama's stimulus bill, and with the continuous string of continuing resolutions that we've had since then, the Democrats can keep federal spending at that inflated 2009 level. If they passed a budget, they might be forced to face up to the reality that they're spending away our nation's future. Remember this the next time President Obama complains about how Congress refuses to pass a budget: no one is talking about a real budget at this point, just another stopgap measure to fund the government for another few months. And on top of that, another debt ceiling fight is now underway - the Obama administration fear-mongering started several days ago.

At the core of the current debate is the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Now, I've explained ad nauseum why Obamacare is a bad law'if you want to know why, you can look here and here and here and here and here. The justifications for getting rid of the Affordable Care Act are legion. The reasons for keeping it around are all political...and as the law continues to be implemented, reality is beginning to set in on just how much Obamacare is going to cost working class Americans.

But the real issue of this government shutdown is how it is being controlled by President Obama. The stories started right after the shutdown started, when a group of World War II veterans, who had traveled to Washington, DC with the Honor Flights organization, moved the barriers surrounding the WWII memorial so that these men, who fought for America's freedom, could see the monument that was built for them. The next day, the barriers were wired together. A representative from an Honor Flights group in Ohio that was planning another trip to visit the memorial reported that when he called the Parks Service about their planned trip, he was told that even 90-year-old veterans in wheelchairs would be arrested if they dared to cross the barriers and visit the memorial.

President Obama has spent a lot of time speaking out about what he calls Republicans' "unprecedented" actions, specifically in reference to attaching riders & amendments to a spending bill...even though these things have been done many, many times in the past. But what is truly unprecedented in this shutdown is the level of malicious vindictiveness that is flowing down from the White House throughout the federal government. The word from on high was to make this government shutdown "as difficult for people" as possible.

This is why the WWII Memorial remains barricaded and guards stand outside the Lincoln Memorial...but the WWI Memorial has one pathetic-looking barrier and no guards, because there are no living WWI veterans to threaten and harass. Park police attempted to shut down Mount Vernon, even though it is privately funded. When they couldn't shut down Mount Vernon, park police shut down the bus turnaround, because we all know how costly those bus turnarounds are to maintain. The popular "Panda Cam" at the National Zoo was shut down, even though its funding comes from the Ford Motor Company Foundation. Police have put up cones to prevent motorists from stopping to look at Mount Rushmore. Two park rangers issued a $100 ticket to a man for jogging at Valley Forge. Park officials at Yellowstone told people they could stay at the Old Faithful Inn, but threatened to charge them with trespassing when they ventured into the park ' and watched them closely when they went to look at the famous geyser, as though they were suspected criminals. The military has suspended broadcasts of football games over the Armed Forces Network. They even tried to cancel the Army-Navy game, even though its funding doesn't come from the federal government.

Jogging in a park and viewing a monument have become the new forms of civil disobedience in America...and yet, a pro-amnesty group with ties to powerful Democrats is being allowed to hold a rally on the "closed" National Mall this week.

But the "as difficult as possible" mandate goes even beyond these petty acts. Private businesses that happen to lease federal land have been ordered by the feds to close their doors. This is unprecedented, as well as illogical, since these businesses actually make money for the federal government. Many of these businesses will not be able to recover from the financial shock of this unnecessary forced closure.

In Nevada, the government is forcing people out of their homes just because those homes are on federal land.

So during a government shutdown, the federal government is spending extra money just to inconvenience people, all because the priority for this administration is to justify its own existence. Let's face it: in a normal government shutdown, most Americans wouldn't feel it, or even really notice at all, except that they would hear some extra hysteria in the media. But President Obama and Harry Reid must make sure that they target as many Americans as possible, or people might begin to realize that they aren't really all that dependent on the federal government. Under this "shutdown," we've really only shut down about 18 percent of the federal government, and let's face it: other than a few furloughed government workers, closing down less than one fifth of the federal government isn't going to have much of an effect on everyday Americans, most of whom live outside of the Beltway. We could probably close down much more than 18 percent without affecting most people's lives, if it weren't for the President's petty, venomous vendetta against the American people.

We've already seen how the IRS (the enforcement arm of Obamacare) has targeted conservatives under this administration ' both through withholding tax exempt status based on political preferences and auditing those who are critical of the president. Now this president's contempt for the American people is on full display, as average Americans are being targeted for this president's political agenda. This has gone far beyond a simple government shutdown; the President of the United States is waging his own private war against the American People, in his own desperate attempt to justify the over-bloated size of the federal government ' because the last thing the big-government crowd wants is for you to find out that you don't need them looking over your shoulder, running every aspect of your life. Their greatest fear is that you just might discover that all of those "non-essential" government jobs truly are non-essential.

If this government is willing to target Americans in this way over a government shutdown, do you really want them in charge of your personal medical information and healthcare choices?

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