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Andriy Kruglashov

Andriy Kruglashov

Andriy Kruglashov
Andriy Kruglashov
Served candidates and mostly center-left parties in Ukraine, Russian Federation, Canada and US. Schooled in Niccolo M. Graduated from Moscow School of Political Studies. Edmund Muskie fellow. PhD student in Political Science. MA in Psychology. | Photo: | Andriy Kruglashov, Ukraine, Chernivtsi, Kiev, Moscow,

Ukrainian dissident

Andriy Kruglashov;

  • Ph.D in Political Science,
  • MA in Psychology
  • Alumni of Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
  • Moscow School of Political Studies

Born October 31, 1987 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine in the family of two history undergraduate History majors.

Since young age became deeply interested in politics, since my father organized the first student's strikes in USSR, had been sent to military camp, but later had been elected to the City Council.

After middle school had chosen to continue education at Lyceum of Philosophy and Law. During the last year of studies had been elected as a President and revitalized the system of student governance. Extraordinary achievements in History allowed to enter Chernivtsi National University, and to study Political Science there, taking courses in Psychology as the second major.

As freshman was shocked my brutal intimidation of the students and election fraud during Presidential Campaign 2004 and became an activist of the Orange Revolution. Two months after the end of Maidan had co-established and co-headed NGO 'Association of Young Political Scientists' and did polling for candidates.
Had been a member of Student European Parliament (2006-2008) and Youth Ukrainian Parliament (2008).

Since 2008 have been studying manipulation in politics and the ways of overcoming it. Published numerous articles and defended Ph.D thesis in Political Science at the Academy of Sciences in Ukraine (2009).

Beside that, obtained Masters in Psychology and worked for 2 years as a volunteer at the Hotline 'Telephone of trust', but the main source of passion and income have always been politics.

After years of persistent applying had been awarded with E. Muskie Fellowship in 2012' and had a chance to study Planning and Economic Development at Andrew Young School of Policy Studies (GSU, Atlanta, GA). My son, Lev Sokrat Kruglashov had been born there at Grady Hospital, December 11, 2012.

In March 2013 together with my wife Veronika we moved to DC, where I had internship in Aristotle and she worked at Voice of America.

As a consultant have taken part in several campaigns and Ukraine, Russia, Canada and U.S, where had been helping democratic candidates and parties:
Ukraine: Our Ukraine (Local elections 2006), President Yuschenko (2010), Socialist Party (Local elections, 2010), Party of Vitali Klitchko UDAR (2012), Fatherland (2013)
Russia (United Democratic Party 'Yabloko' (Parliamentary elections 2011)
Canada (New Democratic Party, Provincial elections in Alberta, 2012)
U.S. (Organize for America, 2012)

Became the First Ukrainian to speak at International Association of Political Consultants Annual Conference.
Judged Pollie Award 2013' (the most prestigious award in political campaigning, given by American Association of Political Consultants)

I came back to Ukraine and joined my people. Since November 24 became a participant of EuroMaidan. Took part in numerous activities. Moderated discussions of civic activists.

I hope, we shall overcome!

We are pissed off!
We are pissed off!

A photo taken by Andriy Kruglashov at the Ukraine protests November 2013 with a banner reading, "Please, understand us! We are pissed off!" which is directed towards Anti-Maidan, paid mob gathering and European square, predominantly consisting of eastern Ukrainians. | Photo: Andriy Kruglashov | Andriy Kruglashov, Ukraine, Chernivtsi, Kiev, Moscow,

From Andriy Kruglashov: @Kruglashov
I will tell you,
Where awesome garden blooms
Where silver night
shimmers in deep waters
In the faraway land
Our difficult path lies
until predacious night circle

Don't sleep my native land
Wake up, my Ukraine!
Open your eyes in the light of the distant stars
These are looking from dark skies
poets and heroes who died
All those who gave up their lives
For your future.

Only two paths
One leads to hell.
Another way leads you
where the light shines
To find this path,
listen to your heart -
your heart knows
how to find it !

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