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Olexiy Haran

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Olexiy Haran
Olexiy Haran
Olexiy Haran is professor, founding director, school for policy analysis at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Kiev, Ukraine. | Photo: The United States of Common Sense | Link | Olexiy Haran, Kiev, Ukraine, Professor,

Ukrainian dissident

Graduated from the Department of International Relations, Kyiv University in 1981, received his doctor degree in 1996. In 199194, he was Dean and organizer of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the re-born University of KyivMohyla Academy (UKMA), since 2002, Founding Director of the UKMA School for Policy Analysis. Since 1989 Haran has been providing consulting for electoral campaigns, political, economic, and media players. In 2005-2006 he served as the Eurasia Foundation's Vice President for Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova.

Dr. Haran is the author of Ukraine in Europe: Questions and Answers (2010), To Kill the Dragon: From the History of Rukh and New Political Parties of Ukraine (1993) and Transatlantic Debates: The Turn of Western Europe to D?tente and the Position of the USA (1990), and coeditor of Russia and Ukraine: Ten Years of Transformation (Moscow 2003). Dr. Haran has delivered guest lectures at Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, Stanford Universities, RAND etc. and has commented for many international media, including The Financial Times, The Economist, The BBC and Euronews. He serves on the Executive Committee of Washington-based Program on New Approaches to Research and Security (PONARS-Eurasia).

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