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Frances Fisher

Frances Fisher
Frances Fisher
Frances Fisher is a British-American actress. She is known for her work on television, in theater and in films, including roles as Strawberry Alice, the madame in Unforgiven (1992), and Ruth DeWitt Bukater, the mother of Kate Winslet's Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic (1997). | Photo: Robin Layton | Link | Frances Fisher, Actress, Oscar, Clint Eastwood, Titanic, Red, Red Head, Sexy,

On the Actor's Studio

UPDATE: Don't miss Frances on "RESURRECTION" on ABC.
To be deemed successful isn't as simple as gaining wealth and materialistic possessions. To be considered a successful person, in my eyes, is to be someone who has experienced every aspect of life to its fullest extent. This means having a vision and sharing it with others. Having a dream and making it a reality. Traveling the world and seeing things from different perspectives. It means going to sleep at night knowing that something you have done or partaken in has affected someone else's life, or the world as a whole, in some way or another. Although Frances Fisher's character in James Cameron's Titanic is wrapped up in the ideology that class is amongst one of the most important qualities to possess, in reality she is a woman who carries with her a story of experience and quality of life based on real talent and hard work which has led to many accomplishments.

Born in Hampshire, England, Frances Fisher was lucky to have a father who worked in the oil refinery industry because his job required him to travel internationally, taking his family with him. Traveling around the world was the first bit of life experience that Fisher acquired but it was unknown at the time that she would grow up to achieve so much more. Once the traveling was done, the Fisher family settled in Texas where Frances completed her education.

It's as if it is in Frances' nature never to get too comfortable in one town. After completing school, Frances packed up and moved to Virginia. The Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Virginia is a renowned professional theatre where Frances began pursuing her career in stage, television and film.

New York is Frances' next destination to further her experience in theatre. She moved to New York City, became involved with the Actor's Studio and starred in dozens of plays. At the Actor's Studio Frances had the opportunity of a lifetime to study with the legendary Lee Strasberg'an American actor, director and acting teacher who has taught many generations of actors, such as Marilyn Monroe.

Frances' hard work pays off. Her dedication leads her to screen work, including leading roles in many soap operas. She began her film career with help from Henry Jaglom'an American actor, film director and playwright. Jaglom has also worked with Strasberg in New York, producing many off-Broadway pieces.

Frances worked with Jaglom in the 1980 comedic film Sitting Ducks and went on to star in Jaglom's Can She Bake A Cherry Pie? in 1983 and Baby Fever in 1994. Frances spent the '80s and '90s working in film and television production and acting in many TV series such as Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter and Rosanne.

Frances Fisher on Castle (ABC)
Frances Fisher on Castle (ABC)

Frances Fisher featured on ABC's website to promote "Castle" episode on Monday, January 27 2014. | Photo: ABC | Link | Frances Fisher, Actress, Castle, Oscar, Clint Eastwood, Titanic, Red, Red Head, Sexy,

Frances' filmography is too long to list in detail but one thing can be concluded from learning more about her adventurous life. Frances Fisher is an award-winning and multi-talented woman who has invested most of her time and energy into her career and is definitely deserving of the fame, fortune and respect she has gained in return.

As Lee Strasberg once said, "an actor's tribute to me is his hard work." I suppose this means that the late Strasberg would be incredibly honored by Frances Fisher's efforts.

--Brittany Fenech

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