Domenica Garrett

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Domenica Garrett
Domenica Garrett
Domenica Garrett, an Australian singer/songwriter. | Photo: | Link | Domenica Garrett, Australia, Singer, Songwriter, Flower, Stairs,

16 year old star-to-be from down under

Fresh on the heels of a huge competition success in Australia, and days after the US Grammy Awards was broadcast, Domenica Garrett is ready for a huge 2014. The sixteen year old has decided to explode her "brand" in 2014. Although she says she's still Domenica Garrett, the brand of Domenica will be re-released in 2014 with new videos, social media campaigns, tours, songs, and more.

In a market flooded with endless teen wannabe's who get lost in the sea of similarity, Domenica has a unique, old soul vocal that she's just beginning to discover. Domenica Garrett is one to watch in 2014.

BIO: Emerging sixteen year old Australian acoustic indie singer/songwriter with a smoky honey-coated voice and haunting melodies, her music has a blend of classical, acoustic and contemporary qualities.

'Growing up in inner Sydney, I have had the chance to be exposed to a diverse and vibrant music scene which has allowed my music to evolve and grow. Ever since I started to write songs, I have endeavored to interlace poetry within the song's melodies. I am currently still experimenting with my style and genre, and I'm enjoying interpreting and translating how genres can combine in order to create new, interesting sounds. I have been inspired by the works of Regina Spektor, Mumford and Sons and Tallest Man on Earth.'

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