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Barack Obama
Barack Obama
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How not to win the war on terror.

From Pearl Harbor to Ansar Al Sharia, I give you common sense perspective on scenarios after attacks on US citizens; How Roosevelt handled it in the 40's, and how Obama is handling it. Specifically the leader of Ansar Al Sharia, Ahmed Abu Khattalah and his recent capture.

More on Ansar al-Sharia
Ansar al-Sharia (English: Partisans of Sharia) is an Islamist militia group advocating the implementation of strict Sharia law across Libya, coming into being during the fractious Libyan Civil War. A variety of news sources have identified them as a terrorist organization having deliberately targeted both Libyan and American civilians, including taking part in the 2012 Benghazi attack.

The US State Department background on Ansar al Sharia
The US State Department announced January 10, 2014 that it has added three chapters of Ansar al Sharia, as well as three of the groups' leaders, to the government's terrorist designation lists. Ansar al Sharia groups in Benghazi, Derna, and Tunisia were designated as foreign terrorist organizations, as well as specially designated global terrorist entities.

The three Ansar al Sharia leaders, Sufian Ben Qumu, Ahmed Abu Khattalah, and Seifallah Ben Hassine (a.k.a. Abu Iyad al Tunisi), were also added to the list of specially designated global terrorists.

Ben Qumu is described as "the leader" of Ansar al Sharia Derna, while Khattalah is "a senior leader" of Ansar al Sharia in Benghazi. Seifallah Ben Hassine is the founder of Ansar al Sharia in Tunisia.

The State Department says that Ansar al Sharia Tunisia "is ideologically aligned with al Qaeda and tied to its affiliates, including AQIM" (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb). The designation confirms The Long War Journal's reporting on Ansar al Sharia Tunisia's connections to the al Qaeda network.

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