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Border Security
Border Security
An SUV that suspected smugglers were attempting to drive over the 14 feet high U.S.-Mexico border fence is stuck at the top of a makeshift ramp, near Yuma, Arizona. U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Yuma Station seized both the ramps and the vehicle, which stalled at the top of the ramp after it became high centered. | Photo: Agonistica | Link | Border Security, Mexico, Illegal Alien, Immigration, Crime,

The solution is staring us right in the face.

The situation on our Southern border has reached crisis levels. Tens of thousands of people from Mexico and countries south are crossing every day, many of them unaccompanied children. This has all been brought on by the political climate in Washington, where increasingly out-of-touch politicians continue to push for amnesty, driving more and more people to flee to the United States in hopes of gaining that free pass to U.S. citizenship.

While the buzz-word in Washington has long been "comprehensive immigration reform," that is perhaps the most unwise course we could possibly take.

The huddled masses fleeing from the third-world hell-holes to our South have come running toward the promise of American freedom and freebies, and even now, as our border is overwhelmed, Democrats express their continued desire to give them whatever they want.

Only now, as thousands enter America illegally each day, do we see the true consequences of our politicians' continued failure to follow through on their promises to secure our border. We see the lie that was President Obama and then-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's repeated pledges our border was more secure than it had ever been with their so-called "virtual fence." Only now do we see their words for what they truly are: just more bullshit heaped atop the pile of bullshit that is politics in Washington, D.C.

This current crisis is the result of one thing: Democrat politicians' continued refusal to secure our Southern border. Time after time our legislators have debated border security vs. amnesty. Time after time, money earmarked for border fences, walls, and other security has been spent on other things, leaving huge gaps that allow drug and human smugglers to operate with impunity.

Our infrastructure is overwhelmed. Human trafficking is thriving. Rape and extortion are the norm as young children are exploited in their quest to make it to America. U.S. border towns are going bankrupt as they try to keep up with the deluge. Drug cartels and dangerous gang members cross our border with impunity, taking advantage of the fact that our border patrol is overwhelmed dealing with thousands upon thousands of refugees, who are bring untold numbers of diseases across our border, already beginning to infect the border agents tasked with helping them. As the refugees are spread across America, it is only a matter of time before we begin to see outbreaks nationwide, which could become full-blown epidemics. The big question now is, when will we finally be united in the need to secure our border?

On this issue, like on every other issue of import, President Obama seems content to lead from behind. He has taken no strong position on the issue other than to continue to urge Congress to pass "comprehensive immigration reform," including amnesty, of course.

But the complexity of our immigration problems means complex solutions will be called for, and if there's one thing the federal government is absolutely horrible at, it is implementing complex solutions. Why should we tackle immigration reform in one huge, complex bill, when we can tackle each issue with its own bill? One of the worst ways our government could handle our broken immigration system is by giving it the Obamacare treatment ? which could just as well be referred to as "comprehensive healthcare reform." Considering that virtually every promise made about that "comprehensive" reform bill was broken, America has no reason to trust that the consequences of comprehensive immigration reform would be any better for our nation.

The time has come for all Americans to stand firm. Call your Congressmen and Senators. Call the White House. Send letters and emails. Demand that our politicians do what has long been promised, but never delivered on. We must secure our borders first. Any other actions can come later.
Our nation will be dealing with the consequences of the Obama administration's consistent refusal to enforce U.S. immigration laws for decades to come. For us to now allow the very same politicians who created this present crisis to use it for their own gain would be a massive error. Just looking at the present crisis on our Southern border should be enough to tell anyone that the status quo isn't working. While the politicians will always tell us that we must do something, it is much more important that we finally get around to doing the right thing.

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