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Palin Slams, Pelosi Warns, Obama Bores

A Yahoo news report showed pictures of children being bored by President Obama when he visited them recently in schools and voter gatherings. Some of the children were seen slumped in their chairs dozing, while others were passed out stretched on the floor with Obama nearby explaining something about being the leader of the free world.

A Washington D.C. sixth grader, when told somebody special was going to visit her school, was visibly deflated when she found out it was Obama.

"When I first heard somebody special was coming, I really wanted it to be Beyonce (female singer)," the girl told Obama.

It's hard to understand why children, who often show more intelligence, insight and logic than adults, would be bored by a nondescript man in a business suit mouthing empty promises and vague platitudes.

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin apologized "globally" on Fox News for her loss to President Barrack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, hinting that the defeat led to the decline of America.

"John McCain should be our president," Palin said.

Palin said Obama has been weak and supportive of terrorists who want to raise their flag over the White House. Over the past few years she has called for Obama to be impeached, sued----everything just short of being drawn and quartered.

Palin's statement, a bald-face self-proclamation that she considers herself a figure of world importance by using the word "global," however lacked one important element. There should have been an apology from McCain himself for inflicting Palin, a gruesome, brainless, conscienceless opportunistic wanna-be-soap-opera-queen nincompoop on the American people. The kind of person who would be way in deep over her empty head as even the mayor of a small town.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said "civilization as we know it" would become endangered if the Republicans gain control of the U.S. Senate in the upcoming November elections. The top ranking Democrat told HBO host Bill Maher that members of her party need to work hard to get out the vote.

Thus, hinting that Republicans are a bunch of Mongols threatening to loot, pillage and rape freedom and human rights, Pelosi nevertheless declined to exactly specify what she meant by the words "civilization as we know it."

We assume she means continued government gridlock, further shipping of American jobs overseas and destroying the Middle Class, continued uninterrupted failures in the Middle East, further appeasement and economic-military buildup of China, continued decline of the environment and inaction on global warming, and more political rhetoric as usual.

However, if Republicans take control and kill civilization as Pelosi suggested, she failed to mention this would give Democrats a great campaign platform in 2016.

President Obama in radio remarks said the struggle to contain Isis, the militant Islamic state that has taken over huge parts of Iraq and Syria, cannot be America's fight alone.
"We will degrade and destroy Isis," Obama pledged.

However, Obama added that the U.S. should not repeat the "mistakes of the past" he said were made over the last 12 years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Though he failed to specify exactly what his "counter-terrorism" program that he mentioned off-handedly would be, we can safely assume he means to avoid the mistakes of the past by lining up participating countries, which George Bush earlier attempted to do, bombing the bad guys from the air, which Bush also did, installing corrupt puppet dictators in power, as Bush did, shipping military advisors to beleaguered Iraq, which didn't work in Vietnam, and pursuing an open-ended conflict without specific achievement timelines---which has never worked in all of history.

Obama has yet to call his plan "new," "innovative" or "proactive."

The Curiosity Space Rover after probing 25 miles on six wheels and over difficult terrain since 2003 at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars, money that could have been spent on roads and schools down here on earth or used to clean up the environment; has made an astonishing discovery that has scientists in euphoria. The scientists predicted the new find would insure the continuance of their jobs and would stun the public.

The discovery-----ready for this? There's a red-colored mountain on Mars.

Over last nine months more than 52,000 unaccompanied children have entered the U.S. illegally, though their numbers dropped from a monthly high of 10,000 to just over 3,000 last month. Most of the children are from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and some making the dangerous journey have been toddlers.

Walk from Guatemala, a toddler? It's very hard. You have to take tiny steps, wash and launder your diapers in streams, carry a teething ring in your right hand all the way and constantly beg food from passersby by saying "Goo-goo" in Spanish.

Translated that's "Mucho, el Goo!"

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