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Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud
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Stop me if you've heard this one

Freud, O.P.iuM. & U.S.

The Chinese, once seen as mere children of a domineering Western imperial parenting, are now in full-on Oedipal mode.

Let me explain.

In the extant exercise of its relative superpower adolescence, the Peoples Republic has now penetrated the Western matrix, thusly and simultaenously spurning its capitalist father whose wealth they have effectively now vanquished via the power of debt.

Part and parcel of modern global civilization and its discontents, this primal electronic rape carries with it a powerful sensibility of 'mourning and melancholy' springing directly from the collective limbic system of this nation of 1.5 billion or so and its humiliation at the hands of Westerners, namely Europeans, the British and Americans in the form of the Opium Wars.

Indeed, even American paragons of admiration such as the Roosevelt clan's maternal Delano branch share in this long time in the making adolescent angst. It can be no wonder just why this mercantile monster Western parentage has created so aggressively guards its expansive oceanic territoriality having lost Hong Kong and nearby islands in those wars brought by the West when this 'child', China, found itself flooded with elsewhere grown opium against its domestic laws. And whilst these one-sided wars of domination occurred in the early 19th century, China's memory--and legitimate mourning--are long and deep, respectively.

Yet we in the West express outrage at this modern-day Oepidal reaction as payback against a now diminished (by its debtor status and other geopolitical limits, including military) elderly West, itself in the Sphinx-advised precarity of old age's three-legged stool versus the East's colossus' stout two legs.

Perhaps true to the ancient tale of Theban Greece, the latter cradle of western democracy, itself in deepest ruin, is symptomatic of a broader, deeper western malaise, one in which the U.S., the tottering western superpower, has blinded itself to both its imperial history and the growing adolescent economic superpower it ?has wronged, such blindness again effected by the arrogant acquisition of the self-same gilded treasure gleaned by way of its warring womb itself, now, far from fecund, its owner in the throes of self destruction (like Jocasta?).

Any high school student knows how that tale ends. Perhaps it is time to learn from another ancient culture the art of face-saving, so that is we may allow this justifiably angry young power to do the same.

Given that America's last best hope of export trade dominance derives from Hollywood's fantasy factories (now openly serving its Chinese audience 'master'), it's also high time to filmically acknowledge our past sins by remaking (another Hollywood penchant) some of those old epics depicting that audience's ancestors as a bunch of look-alike 'coolies' employing some good old biblical humilty in the form of truth wherein the once (forcible) servant is now--if not master--seen humanely as at least an equal.

The alternative is to invest heavily in language acquisition stocks, especially those teaching Mandarin.

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