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Why are we suprised by this former Axis ally in WWII?

From Nostradamus to ECRE, the EU's handling of genuine refugees is best described with the colloquialism 'from hunger'.
Let's define our terms, including the phonetically enticing acronym, ECRE (European Commission on Refugees and Exiles). At least in English, the idiomatic expression 'from hunger' connotes a state of affairs and/or personages as sorely lacking in, well, any useful resources. Now, in the case of the the often illusory notion promoted by its capital, Brussels, the European Union is evincing decided disunity when it comes to the overwhelming surge of war-torn refugees fleeing North Africa & the Middle East. As a direct result it is irresistibly tempting to taunt this seemingly insensate 'arm' of Europa's body as having blatantly deprived these not-so-poor but nevertheless tired and hungry humans less than humanely, with some EU members spasmodically denying simple access to 'acreage'---pun definitely intended.

That this rather uncivilized member should resemble an unattractive private appendage to the androgynous Europa of myth is perhaps hardly surprising, given Hungary's sad recent past as an Axis member during WWII, the last occasion for so huge a displacement of humans---and, even then, from within Europe's continental confines.

Indeed, where are the Raoul Wallenbergs of today, as it was in that very Axis-appended Hungary that he was unceremoniously snatched away to Russia's 'Allied' breast, never to be heard of again. In the very city of European shame, Budapest, did he boldly and without practical resources single-handedly rescue thousands of Jewish stateless persons at the risk--and ultimate forfeiture--of his freedom and very life.

Nobel Peace Prize deserved winner Barack Obama is best positioned to step into such noble righteous shoes, with bases festooned with cargo airships to airlift legitimate refugees to a welcoming northern Europe whose birth rate cries out for these talented educated persons whose personal resources and resourcefulness would generally qualify them for orderly emigration if not immigration status. Like Truman, he could (and much easier) order such an airlift as was performed with material for West Berlin during a far more perilous time in the face of hostile Russian occupation of a starving populace.

The signage held aloft by one of this throng of humans seeking the humane treatment routinely afforded four-legged creatures presses upon our collective limbic systems: 'Where is the world?' But, as Sam Clemens, the ultimate American of perhaps all time, has written: 'History may not repeat, but it rhymes.'

Yet this picture is far from poetic; adding to the mayhem and pandemonium is the silence of the wealthy Muslim nations, nearest neighbors to this yearning mass of humanity. Do their clerics so enclose themselves in their madrasa brand of Islam that Allah allows their co-religionists to perish for want of simple humaneness? To borrow Thomas Harris' brilliant phrase, is this the silence of the lamb, or the uncaring lion?

Can it be that the musicians of that same shared world have forgotten their pleas for Bangladesh, Africa and too many other places----'We are the World', sung so proudly, so well? Can it be that the mortal deaths of Lennon, Harrison or Jackson allows us to bask in the mindless glow of device screens output of trivial activities to the neglect of 'saving our own lives', as the referenced song declaims?

It is posited here that it is our very spirits that may be in starvation for fulfillment and 'from hunger' for meaning. These, our spirits, yours, mine, are telling us that they are 'mad as Hell', that they will no longer abide this unnecessary suffering. Obama, know without the 'pale cast of thought' that our spirits demand action, the timely force whose name was delayed, hence lost, by the Hamlets of our nature.

Do not, then, allow for distracted indifference to author our collective fate----else the rest is silence, filled with the white noise of restlessness. As that Prince of northern Europe enjoined Horatio: 'If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart, absent thee from felicity for a while, and in this harsh world draw they breath in pain to tell my story. What warlike noise is this?'

It may well be the war...nings of the late French Jewish seer:

"According to the most obvious interpretations of Nostradamus' cryptic quatrains, Europe will suffer another invasion by Muslims. The situation will be complicated later by Russian and Chinese aggressions. Some of his predictions came true within 20 years after the publication of The True Centuries, but most of them definitely indicate a future war between Christians and Muslims. About a dozen of the quatrains concerning this war are dated by astronomical configurations that began in the 1980s and continue into the 21st century. That war did not begin on schedule, but the prophet was perfectly accurate in his timing the outbreak of the Balkan war between Christians and Muslims in the 1990s... that the Marian movement (of prayer for peace) was successfully in delaying the prophesied "wrath of God" for some 20 years -- but that grace period has ended."

Hence, to you, Horatio's hortatory breath is this: to action, now, all of good will, let not tribal warfare end our days, or the 'rest' may indeed become abject silence.

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