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Napoleon Before Sphinx
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ISIL coat of arms
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It may truly be said that truth is found at the crossroads of two extremes betwixt Life and Death. In the newly cast light of that greatest of all values we, in our collective Judgment (of Paris) choose Life.

And that choice finds its fitting context in a both ancient and most modern Greek irony--that of the myth of Europa and the bull.

Authorities of the French Republic, having now found proof of a mole cloaked in refugee guise, have methodically exposed the 'bull' for what it represents: destructive dynamite versus some pretense at a never-was pan-European Napoleonic code of brotherhood.

You will recall in that ancient mythic tale the Phoenician Europa was abducted and raped by a "rutting and unscrupulous deity" [Allah?] in furtive opposition to her symbolic embodiment of "a unique project of peace, prosperity and freedom in human history..." (

Will Europa, then, put on her benign cloak of resolution and revive the best of Napoleonic zeal or instead don the dunce-like weakness of that Napoleon sabotaged by Dynamite?

Several years after 'The Terror' a brilliant young military man saw his chance for the transformation of Europe, extending from Iberia to North African Egypt to Russia. That was fin-de-siecle 18th century; au courant, in the close aftermath of that close of the 20th yet another self-anointed visionary has set his sights of Europe's transformation in the hauntingly too-similar name of Terrorism. Putting aside the Nostradamian symmetry, the former foreign-born Corsican made himself Emperor, the latter, Caliph; the former ended his reign as prisoner of the Allies, the latter began as such.

Both exploded onto the stage set by chaos, their vision enduring some fifteen years. As the year 2016 nears will Paris serve to galvanize Europa or succumb to the 'bull'ying arrogance of this disguised pillaging rapist? Must her allies again rescue her, as was done the last time such a signal conquest was seen in the last century and most recently in August of this very year aboard a bullet train aimed squarely at her very heart but for three brave American youth?

Hence, Death to Smoochy, the accursed image of weak childish welcome perversely immunized from any understanding of death itself disguised as innocent asylum seeking; instead, let this newly televised resolute Napoleonic redux righteously consign these cretinous bullies to the ultimate asylum--Dante's vision of Hellish Death itself.

Here, then, is the slated pilot episode of 'Death to Smoochy II':

Part One: Declaration of Martial Law for 30 days, during which all those abusing the privileges of citizenship be detained for scrutiny in one holding area wherein they will once and for all be properly vetted for evidence of terroristic sympathy, supervised by civilian authority in the form of the public prosecutor under European (largely Napoleonic) codes of law;

Part Two: Safe zones near to their home nations now in upheaval, commonly funded by the Allies and NATO will be declared into which all practicable aid shall be afforded for a reasonable period of time within which transport--inclusive of the methods of smugglers, now coopted--will be afforded;

Part Three: After this period, all those remaining, including those 'unable' to be taken for such safe-keeping, will be unfortunate yet necessary casualties of war; as the terrorists care little for innocent victims as demonstrated repeatedly and purposively, these persons must be seen as either already doomed by dint of rape and beheading--past or future distinctions seen rationally such that these 'living' surely envy the dead. Devastating carpet bombing will commence, yielding over time less suffering and destruction than would be otherwise incrementally equivalent or worse.

Perhaps the greatest of ironies is best exemplified by the status quo, wherein authorities constant refrain is heard that resources are lacking to surveil these domestic citizens of immigrant status despite the relative danger to their welcoming host countries. Do not these persons, many of whom openly travel for hostile training abroad, hold passports? May they not be lawfully detained in such confinement pending full vetting as to economically allow such admittedly necessary surveillance? Or is freedom to commit suicide in the name of freedom. As was written by the once Chief Prosecutor at Nuremberg, Justice Robert Jackson in a freedom of speech case: 'The Constitution is not a suicide pact.'

Neither is Europa's legal system, crafted by that same Napoleon.

Let us not permit the Judgment of Paris to become another ex post facto Judgment at Nuremberg.

Tune in, then, to your televisions and hope that 'Death to Smoochy II' becomes a hit...a hit for freedom versus the replayed treachery of yet another middle eastern kiss of Judas as Death.

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