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Barack Obama
Barack Obama and Robert Bergdahl
Barack Obama and Robert Bergdahl
President Barack Obama and Robert and Jani Bergdahl, the parents of US Army Sergeant Bowe. Bowe Robert Bergdahl is a United States Army soldier who was held captive by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani network in Afghanistan from June 2009 until his release in May 2014. | Photo: BBC | Link | Barack Obama, Robert Bergdahl, Terrorist, Prisoner, Taliban, Afghanistan, Army, Captive,

Compassionately Putting Americans In Danger

In February of this year, ISIS announced to the world that a refugee crisis was coming, and that the refugees would destabilize Europe. Apparently, very few leaders in Europe were paying attention, because most European nations rushed to welcome these refugees with open arms, essentially welcoming their own demise.

On the morning of Friday, November 13, 2015, President Obama stated on national television that ISIS had been contained.

By that evening (on Friday the 13th, of all days), ISIS terrorists had killed over 100 people in Paris, proving in the most tangible way possible that President Obama has no idea what he's talking about where ISIS is concerned.

Some of the attackers in Paris were refugees from Syria, or had masqueraded as refugees to get into France.

The Obama administration, and nearly the entire Democrat Party seems to be living in a dream world. Even after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in the heart of France, President Obama insists that we MUST bring Syrian refugees into the United States. He insists that these refugees will be vetted, and assures us that everything will be fine.

You know, the same kind of assurances these same people gave us when they said they wanted to arm Syrian rebels, and ended up giving weapons to ISIS, giving them what they needed to expand into Iraq.

It was rather interesting watching the President of the United States in his speech reacting to the attacks in Paris. For the first half of his statement, he read someone else's words. It could have been a moving speech, had President Obama not sounded so bored. In fact, the only time he has come alive when discussing ISIS and the Paris attacks is when he has attacked Republicans for their opposition to his plan to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees.

President Obama and his cohorts have pulled out all the stops in their condemnation of Republicans - they continue their trend of condemning the GOP much more than they will even condemn Islamic terrorists. They know who the real enemy is, and it isn't ISIS, it's the GOP.

But let's look at the facts.

President Obama and others in the Democrat Party have called it "un-American" to even object to bringing large numbers of Muslim Refugees to the United States. They say that these refugees have been vetted, and that in order to be compassionate, we must allow the refugees to come.

But according to the FBI, it isn't possible for them to thoroughly screen the number of refugees that the Obama administration wants to bring in to the United States. It just is not possible. So we know that the part about the refugees being thoroughly vetted is a lie. After all, these claims are coming from the same administration that recently discovered that 73 TSA employees are on the terrorist watchlist. if they can't properly vet federal employees, why should we believe that they can properly vet refugees fleeing from a war-torn country?

The president scoffed at the idea of imposing a "religious test" for refugees, yet portions of federal law require that religion be a factor in granting refugee status in certain circumstances. Furthermore, the Obama administration seems to be imposing their own religious test - they have been denying requests for asylum from Syrian and Iraqi Christians for months now...and unlike Syrian Muslims who are displaced by the civil war there, the Christian refugees face persecution not only from the Syrian government, but from ISIS, and from Muslims in the UN refugee camps in Syria and Iraq.

Thankfully, organizations like Operation Safe Havens and The Nazarene Fund are stepping up to get Christians out of Syria and Iraq, and into those few nations that will take them.

President Obama mocked Republicans, saying that they are "scared of widows and orphans" and "worried about 3-year-old orphans," but ISIS has a well-documented history of training young children to be terrorists. What's more, a woman blew herself up in France trying to kill police who were hunting the mastermind of the Paris attacks. Two women blew themselves up in a deadly suicide bombing in Nigeria. And according to data from the United Nations, the vast majority of the refugees are men - this has been a noticeable trend throughout the current refugee crisis.

Should we show compassion to people fleeing war-torn areas? Absolutely, we should. But there is a vast difference between compassion and stupidity. President Obama and others in the Democrat Party would choose to put American lives at risk for their "compassion," telling bald-faced lies in an effort to lull the American people into a false sense of security. Going along with their plan to bring in tens of thousands of refugees without taking the proper precautions is just plain stupid. America has an abundance of soft targets. Our power grid is vulnerable to attacks that could leave much of our nation crippled. The Christmas shopping season is fast approaching, when millions of Americans will congregate at shopping malls across the nation. If even a tiny percentage of these refugees turn out to be terrorists, the damage to our nation could be immense. It only took two refugees to kill 3 people, and maim & injure over 200 more at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

The measures that Republicans are asking for make sense. We know that Christians are not waging a holy war against the United States, and we know that Christians face greater persecution and threat of death in the Middle East, so focusing on persecuted Christians is a common sense way to show our compassion without putting innocent Americans at risk. In the meantime, there is no reason why we shouldn't slow down and ensure that we aren't importing a bunch of terrorists...but President Obama and his ilk would much rather plunge headlong off of this cliff, consequences be damned.

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