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When Foreign Policy Gets Bad, The End's The Answer

Foreign Policy analysts remind us that the next World War will be fought with sticks and stones. What they're referring to is Nuclear War. It's a deterrent. And it's supposed to quiet the kind of bellicose cock-tail conversation that caused World War One and World War Two. So seeing it come up as the head-scratching USA Administration continues it's odd Foreign Policy to light the world aflame isn't exactly a surprise.

Don't forget, USA President Barack Obama drew drooling commendations from Liberals when he embarked on a world-wide trip to end Nuclear Proliferation at the out-set of his stay in the White House in 2009. (Not to mention a Noble Peace Prize)

It's safe to say that suspicious Conservatives looked side-long with derision. A short 3 years later the President was beginning the American past-time of attacking Russia while notoriously losing control of his Nuclear Missile command, (The 341st) further discrediting him as a bumbling leader without the ability to control his Secret Service fitness, the Mid-East, or, as Conservatives would point out since the President blew his own Oath of Office, his mouth.

So, we're a full 3 years removed from America's decision to begin governing Russians with the Magnitsky sanctions and a year and half removed from the Administration's decision to over-look crucial Russia-Ukrainian compacts regarding Russian soldiers in the Republic of Crimea and begin to destroy Russia's sizeable cash reserves to wage war by other means. That voice of America, Larry King, is now on the Russian English Language News Network Russian Today asking is World War 3 around the corner.

And he's not alone. New, low-profile news sites are joining the French English language AFP to steer the McCarthy-ite and rabid NATO-pushing American Press slightly less Communist and perhaps a bit more National Socialist Republican. And they're doing this by examining the possibility of Nuclear War in tandem with reviews of logical mis-steps in the World Order. (Not Foreign Policy)

As R.T.'s Oksana Boyko pointed out, nukes are a deterrent. In an age of racist urban politics where Socialists feel comfy enough to besmirch the ethnicity of an entire European nation like Poland on the air, in the case of C.N.N.'s Christiane Amanpour, it's a deterrent meant to make fops stop making foreign problems worse by interjecting foreign opinions.

It sorta doesn't work. An American Vice-President travels to the Ukraine after their out-sourced police blew out the power of 2 Million Crimeans to show solidarity with the Ukraine, in the guise of military aid, while refusing to help fund the defaulting country heat its houses with Russian gas. Ukraine's a big front and joins the Baltic in America's recent gambit to sell more arms than ever before by preparing for more war than ever with Russia. As Turkey throws open aggression into the mix, exploding Russian planes on War on Terror missions, you might say it definitely doesn't work. But Barack Obama is yet again the answer.

Obama sent advanced anti-missile systems to Turkey while letting promises to Eastern Europe go dark. Europe's America's main front against losing arms sales to another power. So no nuclear shield. ''Buffer zone.'' It does work.

This brilliant piece of stratagem to bring Islamic powerhouse Turkey closer to America in what the Administration considers an intelligence war on the War on Terror came when Adam Lanza shot up a Connecticut grammar school, massacring some 26 a week after Russian legislators warned the USA that the cost of the Magnitsky Sanctions would be crazy lone gunmen.

In a world where millions of Arabian and African migrants flood into Western Europe to claim their spoils, don't forget, nuclear deterrence has not helped. Terrorism got Jews their Israeli state and Terrorism is cleaving Westerners from their greatest cities, divorcing culture from civilization and breeding out the indigenous people – under attack for the better part of a millennium and half by the Arabian Empire.

Still. Listening to the heavily mistrusted Hillary Clinton talk about taking the relationship with Israel to the next level to rebuff Donald Trump's centrist position accounting for the Obama policy to alienate Israel from the U.N. and bring a bevy of Hollywood celebrity hands loudly together in confederation with their Palestinian causes, I can't help but wonder what will be next for Israel and the West. Unmitigated Terrorism or maybe, just maybe, targeted thermo-nuclear war stopping over 600 Million people that all speak the same language from Afghanistan to Morocco to let the people of the Holocaust have a breather?

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