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Jeb Bush
Jeb and George W. Bush
Jeb and George W. Bush
Jeb Bush with brother, former President George W. Bush. | Photo: Reuters | Jeb Bush, Brother, President, George W. Bush,

No one is more sorrowful than I to tell you this Jeb.

To Mister Jeb Bush, New President Wanna-Be

Dear Jeb – I don’t want to be the last to inform you, but I have the sad duty to tell you that despite your family pedigree in the high reaches of government and despite your campaign bank account that is larger than the gross GNP of some small African countries----you are not going to become president.

No one is more sorrowful than I to tell you this Jeb because even though I didn’t like your father all that much and even though I loathe your brother, you are only a mild irritation in that you at least conduct yourself in a statesman-like fashion.

It’s the fact that your competing candidates who are all ahead of you in the polls are so vile they actually make you look good that I’m sorry to have to tell you what nobody until now has had the heart. You will never sit in the Oval Office.

You see, there was a time when all that money you have would be a big plus. But now it makes you suspect in a world which has turned a middle index finger toward those they consider Washington Insiders and political hack power brokers. You were simply too late, too far behind the times. Your brother helped screw up your chances with his blundering, nincompoop, idiotic decision to lie the American people into a war in Iraq that helped create a power vacuum and the rise of ISIS and a worldwide war.

You have your own family members and Dick Cheney to blame for that.

But it’s more.

You see. Your party, the Republican Party, abandoned the reasoning dignity of let’s say a Nelson Rockefeller, or even Barry Goldwater, considered an extremist in his day, but compared to today’s candidates, was so bland he might as well be selling Girl Scout cookies at the front door.

You see it’s like this. How can I explain this? The Republican Party became a party of resentful people and haters who feel ripped off, dispossessed. They want a champion who represents anger.

According to a Yahoo News Report, you instead decided to focus your campaign on “Lengthy description of policies you’d put in place if elected, rather than throwing elbows or personally insulting rivals, focusing your criticism on their positions.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong Jeb.

You see Jeb, the Republican Party is largely a party of angry white guys, angry with blacks, women, gun control, abortion, you name it. The voters, the constituency, they want insults. They want symbolic flashpoint issues as soundbites that can’t be compromised. That’s what they want. They enjoy taunts. That’s why the front-runner and two first-generation Cubans (one foreign born) are doing better in the polls than you are Jeb.

You’re trying to act statesmanlike in a party that has become a refuge for an imaginary America of swagger, machismo, frustration with differences, gender, race, nationality. A party of the children of immigrants who resent immigrants taking advantage of what their parents took advantage of.

You’re in fifth place in the polls Jeb.

But you won’t quit (not yet) because you can last because you’ve got a lot of money.

You’re placing your hopes in New Hampshire and the upcoming primaries under the guise that voters as you put it would like to hear “Views that are thought out instead of grenades thrown in the room.”

That would require a sea-change of attitude Jeb. There are political delusions and then there are simple common sense points that tell us not to repeat the same failure over and over in the hope it will somehow succeed, which is lunacy. In other words, what you’re offering is not what Republican voters want.

Jeb, voters want a he-man, someone who will crudely say he will give the big (obscene expletive deleted) to Hillary. This is what charms Republican voters, this is what they want, this is what they laugh at. This is whom they will vote for.

Not you Jeb.

You’re too respectable.

The days for respectability are over.

The days of the establishment and the political status quo are too. You haven’t changed with the times Jeb. It would be hard enough to live down the failures of your blood-relative predecessors without also having to contend with an electorate whose collective knowledge seems to be what they’ve watched on the World Wrestling Federation on TV.

Anger and the desire for revenge, like sex, is what sells today Jeb, not carefully thought out, contemplative expressions of policy delivered politely as though a college professor from behind blinking eye glasses. That’s not going to work and it hasn’t now for several months.

Prepare to pay the price Jeb.

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