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Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz, born December 22, 1970, is the junior United States Senator for the state of Texas since 2013. He is a member of the Republican Party and was Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to May 2008. | Photo: New York Times | Link | Ted Cruz, United States Senator, Texas, Canada, Republican,

Food and Water for GOP Elephants

Yes, it's always better to sound good than to be good, as well; thank you, Billy/Ricardo a la SNL, for crystallizing... the (magical) art of persuasive prevarication; it is here posited that even that 'mahvelous' hispanic film icon of B movies (even 'The Wrath of Khan', yes, where his low camp was thought by him and his director to be Shakespearean) would have upchucked upon hearing the likes of Ted Cruz hold forth.

More praise for Mr. Crystal--a very smart, funny Jewish guy--to know a thing or two about 'rooking'. We Hebes have been wrongly accused of it for ages, and by the same hypocrites who dumped it onto us to conduct monetary affairs whilst they went off to mass after fornicating till dawn.

Some etymology, please, you ask:
rook: verb (transitive) ( slang) to overcharge, swindle, or cheat;
Word Origin: Old English hrōc; related to Old High German hruoh, Old Norse hrōkr

Now, then, with this background let's delve into last eve's debate between the rookery of candidates who played fast and loose with old veritas, the very motto emblazoned on the shields of most Ivy league schools--often in Hebrew, by the way--at least one of them was permitted to attend, notably, Mr. Cruz. (Oh, yes, 'rookery', from 'rook':/noun; Corvus frugilegus, with a black plumage and a whitish base to its bill: family Corvidae (crows)).

Having appeared outside his usual childhood home, i.e., the rookery, Mr. Cruz found himself perched, as it were, far out on a limb of our subject, the 'Sophist's Tree', where, try as his flapping winged lips were able, he proceeded to bark so loudly at factual realism as to persuade his audience that the very limb he swayed so precariously upon was only that most flexible and gullible aspects of their, our corporeal being--the limbic system.

That system, responsible for what we humans--even the humane ones--call emotions. 'Aye' (caramba?), as Mr. Cruz's native tongue, spoken here in hypothetical mock Shakespearean land, 'there's the Rub(io?); for in that sleep [of the audience's brains] what dreams may come....' Well, isn't that the objective, Mr. Cruz, whose rook-like crowings concerning his versions of truth resembled more the ravings of a Raven(ous) disciplined Sophistry inhabitant, crying 'Nevermore' will he seek to rook (here, the verb transiting its way into our ear, then to that ole-time religion's limbic thing-a-mah-jig like the nonsense Poe(try) imitation it was in Wonderland).

Oh, yes, the 'tree' in question; well, it's an ancient art; let's defer to Socrates, the judged wisest man of the time as he was the only one willing to admit to knowing nothing, really: 'Socrates saw sophistry (and rhetoric) as being manipulative. He thought we should rely on the best arguments and expertise rather than the non-rational forms of persuasion that rhetoric was often using. The terms ‘sophistry’ and ‘sophist’ are usually defined in the way Socrates saw them—sophistry as manipulation and sophists as manipulative people.'

So, then, in Mr. Cruz's many crowings let's highlight some of his greatest veritas from last night's limb(ic) bark(ing):

  1. 'My American citizenship is a matter of well-settled law'; as proof, he cited his former professor, who'd given him highest marks, as a political leftist crank who was Al Gore's lawyer and, worse, a Clinton supporter. Well, case freaking closed, however, against Mr. Cruz, who, after all, 'learned' his constitutional law from this Mr. Tribe..must not have been of the same crow tribe;
  2. Barack Obama.....(cue for limbic system activation in the form of booing);

  3. Visual pantomime: don't you admire my very straight part of my jet black feathery waxen but totally assimilated hair...yes, you like me, don't you Rick..[sorry, but this writer thought he detected a soft self-admiring chirping a la Ugatti from 'Casablanca', having something to do with that now patched bald spot atop that crowing cabeza, glistening in the camera lights].

There are many more, but, for those who viewed the rookery on display by the Foxes, know, even if they're of the species Goldwaterius, in your hearts that he's, well, Right wing-ed.

And, like the real self-effacing American expatriate, Richard Blaine who'd 'left'... America for the waters (likely misinformed by the wife of a wrong-winged Senator, according to the independent Louis the Prefect (perfect?)), we'd despise Mr. Cruz, if we gave him any (further) thought [bless you Epstein Brothers for those prescient words of magical dialogue].

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