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Hillary Clinton
Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney
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Like Walter MItty, Hillary's in for secrets' strife.

"This magic moment
So different and so new
Was like any other
Until I [filmed] you
And then it happened
It took me by surprise
I knew that you felt it too
By the look in your eyes...

While The Drifters crooned so beautifully about a certain intoxicating kiss, their lyrical masterpiece conjures another sort of bussing---the very vehicle under which a certain Presidential candidate threw himself.

Well, let's take a look at the look in Hillary's eyes when increasingly questioned about those transcripts--and likely video, given the ubiquity of smart phone cameras--you know, the 'that's what they offered' speeches delivered to the seeming acolytes at Goldman Sachs, also known (at least to them) as Hillary's Puppeteers.

It is suggested here that the look in question is what those who study mimesis or body language might well deem a panic attack. She would do well to recall the infamy which came to rest on the robotic shoulders of one Mitt Romney in that fundraising love fest at a certain country club back in 2012.

Here's what's likely to happen regarding these proceedings wherein she was doubtless filmed but certainly transcribed by her friendly audience:

First, she'll deflect mounting requests by the Sanders camp and various media types interested in Pulitzer's and Peabody's, say---"we'll look into it...", now wearing thin, given that such 'looking' hardly involves the highly technical and demanding scanning tunneling electron microscopy, say;

Second, Mr. Trump, hardly bashful, will engage certain operatives who know the Wall Street terrain all too well to procure such indicia of his likely rival, blank check in said investigator's hand, made out to cash with lots of zeros to the left of the decimal, just waiting for the right wannabe reporter to break the story;

Third, Hillary's people will call Donald's people out for dirty tricks, all the while seeking to edit and otherwise redact such evidence of her continuous venality; ethical persons around her will remind her of Nixon, at which time she will, flush with hubris, seek to Dean their concerns to the nearest John;

Fourth, a news conference will be called by the Donald, exposing her attempted or even successful suppression of this smoking gun to her well-coiffed cabeza, the Breaking Noose having forced her to get out front...of this onrushing bus. Ouch;

Fifth, the new righteous chorus joins in, the refrain becomes deafening: 'Do the right thing, c'mon, sing along........And then it happened

"It took me by surprise
I knew that you felt it too
By the look in your [lying] eyes..
Do the right thing, don't be hiding their bling!

Amen, Spike Lee & company, to all the grifters and the drifters up on that Hill.......ary loft, looking into it, alright: the abyss of Dante's infernal regions for self-seeking liars.
So, 'do the right thing' Hillary, seems to be what you usually do when the left's not looking, i.e., you've already done the right wing thing, now turn over the transcripts/video, unedited, now, before it's time to cry 'I'm not a crook!' in that annoying hollow monotone of yours.

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