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Bill and Hillary Clinton
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Brought to you by the Presidency

Famously the much-hated Main Stream Media credited Bill Clinton for saving the tenure of Barrack Obama as President 44 by smoothing over independent cries that Obama's Administration was too much for the global economy to take and endorsing him as the D.N.C. Keynote Speaker of 2012.

Obama would have the Center Left endorsement of the Clinton brand and, in 2016, the Clintons would have the full endorsement of Obama. (It was lauded)

Europe was unraveling, the economy was fraying enough to give Conservatives the gap they needed to blame everything on a man they never liked and could never trust. The media, rabid as ever, got wind that President 42 – Clinton – called Obama, ''An Amateur.'' Incredibly, the Obama machine that the urbanite media believed could do no wrong was being asked to keep at a distance from local Democrats.

So now, almost 8 years into an Obama Administration, the country is even more radical than just 4 years ago. And the Pax Clintonian that good, clean Economics will fix any societal problem looms ever larger and ever more frightening almost a full decade into Fox News prognostications that, for America, the end is near – not even nigh.

Infallible Bloomberg Analysts question a generally Dovish F.E.D. spookily wondering outloud if the Administration's tell-all %5 unemployment statistic isn't hiding a deep cultural problem that could spell systemic ruination without going into any more details than the increasingly Japanese economy of America is cratering when it comes to matching up to the Yen.

Yes, it's true that increasingly popular economists have been attacking the White House's idea that the U.S.A. can simply print it's way out of a recession. But it's definitely worrying when like-minded economists get to sit in on the only 24/7 Economics channel in a Pax Americana and criticize the Central Bank policies of their country that traditionally has no Central Bank with an incredulous why, ''Pay bankers not to lend to people.''

But the White House casually huffs away all systemic warning signs of the American economy racially, puffing smoke at White Men that are having a problem switching to the new, service-based economy. (And away from manufacturing)

He may have a point. Abraham Lincoln himself admitted that all Americans really needed to thrive was a stiff tariff. (Such is the bounty of America)

Still, when a third of the country seems to think that the Commander – in – Chief is the worst President ever behind the longest running televised journalist Bill O'Reilly something seems out-of-whack beyond simple racism – what the Leftist third of the country likes to bandy as the panacea to anything Obama-negative.

So while a disturbed, hawkish American press doubts the sanity of anyone who considers Bill Clinton to be or to be considered a robust extemporaneous speaker – which he mostly certainly is – Clinton seems to be the only Democrat able to confront Americans with the fact that the world is exploding: ''A lot of things are coming apart around the world now. We like to just think about our economic issues, but you have to worry about a collapse in Europe dragging back the American economy. You have to worry about the largest number of refugees since World War II. And all this stuff comes home.”

This is a profound truth that the media unfortunately allowed the petulant pan-African movement B.L.M. to highjack, scuttle and reframe as another condescending, avuncular White Supremacist statement like Clinton's taking credit for the %33 rise in median African-American income during the Clinton years or Clinton's lowering crime %25 or homicide %40.

American myopia used to be an international joke. Now it's a joke internationally.

Homicides of cops are suddenly up over a %100 following a year of White House trumped-up racism to make Police Review a Civil Right and sell Smart Guns and Tazers and other debts to itself to save a stalling economy that seems to be pegging itself to the international Gold market as it revels in Middle Eastern violence, tares apart the seams of a kneeling European society, invests in Indian industry to sell a Greener planet, wars indiscriminately with Russia, and wars openly with China as China officially steps onto the world's Super Power stage by joining the World's Reserve Currency Basket.

In 2008, at a blue-collar bar watching Obama make his victory-speech, I laughed when a patron told me his father would be rolling in his grave. The American told me point blank that Obama is nothing but another Democrat racist, Communist who'll destroy the world and probably never finish his term.

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