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Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
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Crossing The Rubicon

Last weekend, President 44 Barack Obama doubled down on his big March idea to have mandatory elections.

Kids are always thinking that election day is somehow unfair. Unfair is their watchword.

Americans of course do believe that anything mandatory from the Government is unfair when pressed and given time to debate. The major problem, however, is that American culture – or rather celebrity – has by and large abandoned Americana to hoist the flag of international Democracy – or Communism – out of greed.

For example, Cirque De Soleil hitches its brand to all American Bruce Springsteen by boycotting South Carolina for it's Two-Gender Legislation to grandstand, but has no problem spending weeks, months in viciously Conservative Arab nations.

Why do most celebrities hoist the Democrat flag of racial diversity and sexual confusion? The Democratic party is, of course, infamous for importing the needy to graft up an election victory through rotten machine politics, stealing votes and stuffing ballot-boxes.

Obama should go down in history as the worst offender of electoral fraud imaginable. He came out of a suspect state in a Presidential election – a state that fingered it's own Governor for selling Obama's vacant Senate seat. Obama had conquered his own party easily, swinging racist to quiet possible dissenting voices in an African-American power-play of monopoly victimhood. He lied about his core principals: claiming to be a centrist, claiming to be War on Terror warrior who would travel to the gates of India to fight, claiming that his new expanded Healthcare plan wouldn't disenfranchise folks and so on. He invented a cash printing solution to overcome systemic economic problems, inventing a Central Bank to become all powerful as the only War-time surrendering President who was saving lives. When stumping he disgustingly divided the country time and time again like a small-time urban politician, pinning classism and racism on absent and invisible country Republicans. He actually did buy votes, distributing cellular phones to the needy for his Second Term.

He assassinated Americans abroad by flying robot. He attempted to gain flying robot kill orders over domestic soil. He lynched numerous citizens in open and shut cases for not being African enough. And of course, his latest trick, he manipulated a Negro community he could not win-over with economics with racist and classist blackmail, targeting law enforcement to foment anarchy. Incredibly, as a Lame Duck, he claimed he could win a Third Term amid rumors the 22nd Amendment would be repealed.

Political writers will maintain that Obama is a product of his time and that the Democratic machine should take more of the blame than the President. President's are judged by actions. Emperor's and Kings by their intent. Did Obama cross the Rubicon is not the question. How often is the better one.

Do not forget that after saving his own political life with an open rigged 2016 Democrat election, openly trading endorsements with his former Secretary of State's Presidential husband, (Rubicon crossing #2) do not forget that he completed the Clinton trick of protesting domestically to bully internationally, attacking military institutions to declare his wish to make homosexuality a legal tax haven.

Frankly this is treason as as voted by 2 Supreme Court Justices, representing a-cultural unlimited free tax-havens and leading to the slippery slope of weaponizing sales tax in the same way that income tax is targeted to kill wealth unsustainably. It's treason because it violates the separation of Church and State, and, of course, it represents a crossing of the Rubicon as a War-time President.

Mandatory voting is totally in breach of the Declaration of Independence, is Federal animism in a bid to simulate Feudalism and is another excuse to police a domestic population like a foreign populace.

Bernie, I'm A Communist Like Obama, Sanders, the Vermont Senator currently vying for party leader from Rome as New Yorkers go to polls on the 19th suggested something similar. The election should be a holiday. Of course in the age of Internet, making a Federal holiday for the election is Ponzi by robbing tax-payers to include ever more people. But more sinister, it prices the election for electronic voter fraud by creating a commodity where one did not exist before. The rules of Natural Selection would prefer an honest election of the people for the people and by the people.

Democratic boosters will say Republicans cross the Rubicon everyday, pointing the finger at a right-wing Republican Tea Party that has been declaring secession and are, ''The American Taliban.''

The encoded hypocrisy is obviously un-American. This is the kind of exotic spread-sheet speak that typifies the Bernie Sanders candidacy – one that has yet to impress me for anything but gross and complete failure of logic.

Sanders latest highjacking of America from the far away shores of National Socialist Republicanistan is that he's in to see the Pope about the need for, ''A moral economy.'' Of course, Feudal societies are moral economies and were beat by the far more desperate Capitalists. But Sanders isn't really speaking, he's crossing the Rubicon like his would-be predecessor Barack Obama who would turn money itself into Populist Pork.

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