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Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. He was born on August 4, 1961 and as of 2010 his reported net worth was US$ 11.8 million. | Photo: | Barack Obama, President, Democrat, Liberal, Legs Crossed,

Leading From Behind Internationalism

The 44th President has been roundly chided for leading from behind on domestic issues, delivering speeches to toddlers and considering negotiating the power of the White House beneath him. In his Federal rally to uncover racial suspicions of Police abuse of power in Ferguson, Missouri, he lead from behind, fomenting civil unrest only to write legislation declaring threatening Police Online to be a crime.

The President himself admitted this week that placing himself and the words Foreign Policy together was a joke. He didn't have one and he shouldn't. He considered the world to be, "Messy and complicated," and that required... Blinders to appease in various situations? Breaking the Prime Directive and forgetting one's own position as the world's only real military super-power still Two and a half decades after the fall of the Soviet Union to facilitate Diplomacy and extortion?

Critiques may clearly stamp the Leading From Behind label of bureaucratic tediousness and attack the President for being culturally disingenuous but do they don't follow up and call him evil.

When examining the Commander – In – Chief in context, his rendition of Uncle Sam's folsky duplicitousness extends far beyond stage-craft theory and into meditated doctrine. For starters, the President extols the virtues of being a citizen of the world to American children, seeding Communism and, frankly, slavery, rather than the sacred sovereign principals of liberty and freedom that make America and the West the envy of so many.

The President seems more interested not just in leading from behind the crowd but indeed from behind a throne, confusing children and citizens alike while targeting the engines of law and order for civil unrest. Did the President attack fire-arms like his Democrat predecessor Bill Clinton and his presumed successor Hillary Clinton? Well, no. But he made it the issue: an issue so fashionable to speak against that newspapers and public figures attacked mourners of a mass murder in San Bernardino.

A corporate executive tasked with ensuring freedom in the age of Social Media would surely bring his bully pulpit to bare on the detail that the Terrorists' arms were gained privately and not commercially. A President with a law degree would point out the Second Amendment is to prevent government over-reach making assault weapons less the problem than hand-guns. Certainly the President has corrected Liberalism before, speaking against the Huffington Post for its no-pay business model – an ugly facet of the publishing business that hand-maiden of the Democrat Party.

But this President is leading from behind industrial contracts for smart-guns, tasers, cameras to realize the ultimate outcome of Communism – unrepentant anarchy in a surveillance State. And so he leads to Nuclear War with Russia from behind the rainbow flag of same-sex tax havens.

He leads on international Global Warming legislation behind the cronyism of country levies and speech laws and emerging market growth, playing with our very planet as liberals pretend informed Conservative cynics are the problem.

A President that would accept a Noble Peace Prize for the color of his skin is no President of mine, and a President who would act like English royalty in America, using the royal, "We," popularizing the casual usage of First Names for public bureaucrats, invading the home and mind with his Democratic Socialist functionary behavior is no President of mine. A President that could not pass his own Oath of Office and just pretend that it didn't matter is no President of mine.

Barack Obama has lawyered his way through the Presidency, suggesting when he should state, stating when he should move on, and lying rather than challenging his constituency to believe the dire reality of the case at hand. As today he did, coming to a Germany suddenly hostile to his opaque landmark Freetrade proposals. He made no mention of people's deepest fear – Fukushima. He suggested European integrity to be an achievement in what Francine Laqua called an endearing speech and yet he could not deliver the truth – it's been the bloodiest miracle in the history of time. He made his policy statements. Part of the European populace is stagnating; Europe needs to spend more on Defense; and Europe needs to go to war with America. And he did this by misrepresenting riots in the Ukraine to turn children and their powerful new equity in the Presidential Bully Pulpit, Social Media, unfortunately, to the same ends that an Adolf Hitler mechanized the youth – to control his electorate and invade a would-be populace as a Social Democrat.

Past journalists would have long ago put a crown on Obama's head and railed on him for his dangerous upending of the social order. This scallywag President has lead social unrest to bully through policy that is executing America and the West. More than anything, he should be remembered for conjoining the Church with the State, denigrating the privacy that has made all this possible to defeat borders and lead behind internationalism.

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