Daze Of Reckoning

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded in 2007 that geoengineering options, such as ocean fertilization to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, remained largely unproven. It was judged that reliable cost estimates for geoengineering had not yet been published. | Photo: Stanford.edu | Climate, Chemical, Pollution, Geoengineering, Jet, Planet,

How we may come to envy the departed

In space there is a concept of 'critical mass'--in time, it's called 2016.

Ask yourself if you've taken stock of the world's stock fully; before you respond, consider these facts:

1) Political Parties: as we have known them (since about 1800 via the Burrs and Hamiltons of American history) are ceasing to be either what they've been, such as that may have been and are devolving into--racketeering organizations whose relative lawlessness through dubious (at best) rule-making, rule-changing, rule-breaking. Behold, some 43% of Americans deem themselves Independents, likely far more if they gave the matter the slightest thought. Add to the considering you may be doing this proposition: the world's most odious nation-states are ruled by parties, capital (as in amassing of power's currency) 'P'.

2) Political Conventions: these generally self-aggrandizing shows have planned down to the Eastwood chair props are now fully morphing into prized fights, complete with contenders and everything approaching the 'coming soon' corporatization of NBA uniforms much like NASCAR drivers, only their staging promises the addition of street brawls and worse, compliments of news as entertainment not unlike the electronic transmission of bread and circus, all in the name of ratings....there's that capital, again, 'P' or no.

3) A Second World Olympics: featuring the most polluted bay in any ocean and either crumbling superstructures (the recent collapse of a cycling construct) or incomplete/inadequate venues for athletes now more than ever doped up or otherwise the appointed dopes of international geopolitical primacy displays; add in what is sure to be the likeliest terror-fest since Munich 1972 and, voila, chaos spread further, deeper across those plasma screens evincing both matter's fourth state and the state of what matters as intangible as plasma.

4) A Law-Drenched NFL Draft: Rapidly becoming a subset of the judicial system, the courts aren't simply synonymous with delay and basketball anymore, no, what with Deflategate and Johnny Football-style self-destructive players, and an increasing legion of former players concussed despite an inadequate court award as the cost of doing 'business'. (No wonder that once dominant agent was laid low by alcoholism).

5) A 'UN' Named Kim Jong: this puissant with the worst haircut since a certain Austrian made goose-stepping mandatory for non-geese is demonstrating the openness of this 'secret'---the world is helpless even with that organization where those with nukes have veto power in the perversely named Security Council of another UN; yep, and speaking of nukes, that 2016 calendar may be the last worth keeping for all those anniversaries like your kids next birthday if this turd is allowed to continue with the strange support of China, such succor all in the name of keeping US nuclear and geographic presence at bay. (You cannot make this stuff up, even with the help of a strong dose of irony).

6) South China Sea: while there used to be seven agreed upon, governed by international laws of the sea, it seems that thanks to Walmart and other importers of seriously lousy junk as products China is able to claim whole oceans as, well, territory by building land masses therein. (Repeat last parenthetical phrase, even without rinsing).

7) ISIS: even the dead Egyptian mummies who worshiped her have had enough of this slander by name appropriation, ironically owing to a thing called Arab Spring wrought in Tunisia and Egypt, and good ole George W., who, despite his inability to remember the simple truism managed to fool us twice (and, yes, shame on US). Ask your history books of countless invasions in these no-sane man's lands and their failures: even the Military Industrial Complex can't handle this disease of the human soul clothed---or should we say veiled?---in made-up Islamic brotherhoods (sorry gals, you're property). Suffice to say that America's infrastructure budget somehow got spent in the wrong places, only off by thousands of miles; hey, fool me once.

8) Consumerism: or, how we stopped worrying, and learned to love the bomb known as an economy that depends on you spending, continuously, forever and at increasing rates. Can't afford that Jeep with the gizmos? No problemo, see, the boys down at Wall Street've got the answer: junk car loans, at high interest, bundled, you know, like with them pesky old home loans, bingo, happy motoring, hey, gas is el cheapo. Pay no attention to those behind the curtain, they've got this..and some credit default swaps, how can we, well, they lose?

9) Climate: this paragraph is optional, seeing as how the scientific fact that more methane leaks into the air we breathe by way of the hot new thing called natural gas than coal-burning; yep, we're you know what, Paris or no Paris, given the ignorance since Bucky Fuller of Spaceship Earth fame advised us in 1980 that we had a short time to tap into free solar ( banned in Florida, the Sunshine State). Hey, they ignored Tesla too.

10) Pollution Waste: Stop me if you've heard this one---you're friend caught a bunch of fish on her vacation, yum; after her discharge from the hospital she's told that almost every species of fish or aquatic mammal is saturated with human byproducts, synthetic this or that, and, um, oh, yes, those prescription drugs she's now on, indefinitely. Seems that those waste treatment plants are designed to filter out everything their 1890's engineers could envision.

This neat inventory of phenomena which are hardly neat arbitrarily ends here.

Do we? If not, do we envy the departed, as that quaint book those policy makers place their hands on when sworn to office says we shall. :-) Have a nice day.

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