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Toga Bernie Sanders
Toga Bernie Sanders
Bernard "Bernie" Sanders, born September 8, 1941, is an American politician and the junior United States senator from Vermont. He is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election. A member of the Democratic Party since 2015, Sanders had been the longest-serving independent in U.S. congressional history, though his caucusing with the Democrats entitled him to committee assignments and at times gave Democrats a majority. | Photo: Stipko Photo | Link | Bernie Sanders, Democrat, Vermont, Congress, Senator, Presidential Candidate,

And The Tea-leaves Look Hollywood

It's easy to joke that the only Americans are Republicans; they have the Civil War bit and the massive international Communism of the pusher Democrat Party to point at.

But the good humor of the legendary Eurasian Middle Class might be going Offline for a while. For the first time since 1880, more young adults are living with their parents than not. Men more than women. And while critics will point out that, that should really help a man's sense of humor, really the notion of upward mobility to create a life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is what's at stake. Ethnic slavery not an issue?

Twin major network polls proved that the American notion of communism – life, liberty and freedom of speech through commerce and trade – may not quiet be %100 dead with the quote unquote surprising lead Donald Trump took over presumptive favorite – sexist Hillary Clinton.

Trump is a moderate, running a very moderate campaign, but his conservative principals, which he's willing to park behind his obligation to run a Federal State of laws, incensed conservatives want to know will hang around as whatever national discussion that has to happen... Does.

The Tea Party is not an ethnic problem; it's a response to the Communism of an overtly racist, internationalist devaluing Barack Obama.

The ascension of 3rd rail Gary Johnson is a bad, bad sign for Americans. For one, it's another sign that Americans are so spoilt as to purposely misunderstand English words like Communism to mean something else but a Two party system of a Federal government that is either stronger or weaker. And for second, it draws valuable press time away from Trump who needs time to debate an insidious overtly Communist Democrat Party foaming at the mouth after 8 years of overtly racist Barack Obama rule.

The dithering and blithering Bernie Sanders whose Communist politics waited forever in the U.S.A. to mainline the people with guaranteed misery gets to dodge a question on the structural failure of an on-going Communist government by saying, ''I'm very interested but right now I'm running for President of the United States.'' A Hitlerian answer to be sure. Televised journalists of 24 hour news networks have yet to really attack Senator from Vermont for his malicious idiocy.

Surely a boom bust economy of infinite immigrants funded by a vaguely Central Bank possibly run by a robot with Two huge Cryptocurrencies to manipulate – Bitcoin and whatever the Russians capitalize on to bring value to a degenerate Western banker class will be all the Galactic economy will need to survive whatever gun-owners think is a problem.

Paul Krugman recently downplayed the need to back Obama snake-oil monetary policies with something like Gold. American power is backed by men with guns quipped Krugman from his smug New York Times temple.

Men with guns, however, can only do so much in a surveillance State of pure digital anarchy.

They can't down violent mobs lighting up the United States, because of America's televised dissent into televised anarchy the international movement to pacify, subdue and dominate. These mobs are genocidal, criminal and call for the technical end of prisons and the cultural imprisonment of their query. If voters think cultural fragmentation is getting bad now, please consider that during the Jefferson Hamilton debates on the nature of the Republic, mystical, mercurial Illuminati pointed out that the only reason there was peaceful society in the colonies was for its relative homogeneity. With Democrats flying high the Communist flag and establishment candidate Hillary Clinton stating things like, ''I am Goldman Sach's partner in trade,'' there is little to no surprise monuments are being desecrated and history expunged as anarchists turn Memorial Day into a full-time contact sport. The Chinese warn that America is the greatest threat to peace with a cowardly and narcissistic press seemingly more interested in performing global pedophilia than being caught publishing a single editorial in real-time.

Men with guns got stood up and abused by feisty and obstinate Technoprotesters in the Ukraine for weeks, unwilling and unable to clamp down on violence because no one wanted to get blamed for being a heartless Fascist who would kill his countrymen. Expert after expert came to Russian Today to report that if the rioters were not dealt with, the mass chaos of a failed ouster would be the result.

My international banker friend asked for my prediction. ''Moldavia.'' That was January, 2014.

Since then, we've seen dozens murdered in fire-bombings in Odessa, impromptu National Communist parades, the rise of a celebrity government that mercilessly bombed and starved its own people in a genocidal campaign that has yet to be earmarked by the U.N. as a crime against humanity because Wall Street President 44 is busy gouging Aryan heritage to bank on the bankability of new technologies to conquer space itself as a Democrat delivered Homestead Act.

And we've seen all these things because if men with guns aren't paid in hard currency, criminals rule.

Donald Trump wisely stated upon traveling to California that violent protests must be met with violence. A connected digital world is physically more superstitious than any dark age was, and anarchy is a watch-word now more than ever. Frustrated immature youths wield total power in the 24 hour news extortion industry.

And Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to burn the Bill of Rights and continue the global homesteading of genocidal trans-national metropolitan politics and add the culture of lying to Obama's international racism to claim to be the organizing principal defending the planet Earth, motivating overpopulation to supply cures against overpopulation.

Close to Ten years ago Fox News began to question if it was the end of America.

Seeing the Obama generation fail education like never before and fail law and fail the Democratic process to fail Freedom of Speech and threaten violence as they grope for the promises of organized Communism, one has to wonder what Paul Krugman will say if consumer society fails in America and bullies are confronted by vengeful patriots representing the Status Quo when no man with a gun will do anything to defend lawful peace and prosperity.

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