All Are Punish-Ed!

Orlando, Florida shooting
Omar Mateen
Omar Mateen
Omar Mateen, 29, was a US-born citizen whose parents were from Afghanistan. He claimed allegiance to the Islamic State in a 911 call he made at the time of the attack, law enforcement officials said. He lived in Fort Pierce, Fla. Court records indicate he was married and divorced. The F.B.I. investigated Mr. Mateen for possible terrorist ties in 2013 and 2014 but did not believe him to be a threat. The 2014 investigation centered on a possible link between Mr. Mateen and Moner Mohammad Abusalha, an American from Florida who became a suicide bomber for an extremist group in Syria. | Omar Mateen, Terrorist, Muslim, Isis, Afghanistan, Moner Mohammad Abusalha, Syria,

Orlando as Shakespearean everytown

See what a scourge is laid upon your hate...

Orlando... itself, a city sometimes apocryphally attributed in its naming to a Shakespearean character, albeit minor.

Orlando is the younger son of the deceased Sir Rowland de Boys and brother of Oliver. He is brave, chivalrous, tender, modest, smart, strong, handsome and beloved by all. He resents the harsh treatment he receives at Oliver's hands and complains that Oliver is neglecting to educate him; Orlando feels that he is being kept like livestock.*

How ironic, indeed, and in darkest deeds: for Florida's Orlando-- that he is the mistreated child of a nobleman with the surname 'deBoys', & that this town, heralded as the happiest/safest place on Earth a la Disney's endowments, should be the object of beastly treatment at the hands of the unhappiest/most dangerous evildoers of our age, Islamic terrorists.

Perhaps the cruelest aspect, this heinous slaughter of upwards of 50 human beings is the seemingly targeted nature of the site of this horror: a gay entertainment venue, celebrating the subcultural rhythms of Hispanic life in general.

And, so, we find ourselves, as a conflicted nation confronted with the accidental yet inevitable culmination of societal cross-currents touching upon gun culture, gender politics and overall incivility one unto another despite the name 'citizen' as common descriptor of those on all sides of these cultural issues, citizens, all, including the ostensible gunman.

Behind the outward rush of political and constabulary figureheads, though, lurks the deep-- and ever-avoided-- rhetorical question: when will the 'only human' live up to their own shaming device when the merest of beast's treatment is before us: 'only humane'. To underscore this most obvious of failures, recall the recent demise of a captive zoo gorilla and the angst it wrought, for both a careless parent and the slaughter of the hapless creature into whose arms it fell.

So, then, let us reflect upon another sad tale from the quill of that same tragedian-- 'Romeo & Juliet'.

There, not even the well-meaning cleric, Father Laurence, could help rescue innocent adolescent lovers from stiff-necked tribal rivalries and traditions-- another name for thoughtless habitual behavior.

Orlando, Florida SWAT
Orlando, Florida SWAT

An Orange County Sheriff's Department SWAT member arrives to the scene of a fatal shooting at Pulse Orlando nightclub where a gunman who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State killed 50 people and wounded 53 more when he opened fire in a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday morning June 12, 2016. To date, it was the worst mass shooting in American history.

Omar Mateen, a US-born citizen whose parents were from Afghanistan, who called 911 to proclaim allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist group, and who had been investigated in the past for possible terrorist ties, stormed a gay nightclub here Sunday morning, wielding an assault rifle and a pistol, and carried out the worst mass shooting in United States history, leaving 50 people dead and 53 wounded. | Photo: Phelan M. E | Link | Orlando, Florida, Violence, Murder, Omar Mateen, Terrorist, Muslim, Isis, Afghanistan, Moner Mohammad Abusalha, Syria, Gay,

The Prince's words are, sadly, au courant:

"This letter doth make good the friar’s words,
Their course of love, the tidings of her death.
And here he writes that he did buy a poison
Of a poor 'pothecary, and therewithal
Came to this vault to die and lie with Juliet.
Where be these enemies?—Capulet! Montague!
See what a scourge is laid upon your hate,

That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love!
And I, for winking at your discords, too
Have lost a brace of kinsmen. All are punished!"

Where, indeed, be these enemies, where religious dogma-- not unlike that of the meddling drug-dispensing clergyman's-- has erased the dearly won common status 'citizen' and writ in blood the name 'infidel'?

Not Bob Dylan, a keen chronicler of our times nor Margaret Mitchell of another can answer his ultimate rhetorical query concerning 'how many'-- but if it is left to the wind, then surely we shall all be gone with it, for ALL are punish-ed..if we continue winking at our discord.

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