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Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz, born December 22, 1970, is the junior United States Senator for the state of Texas since 2013. He is a member of the Republican Party and was Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to May 2008. | Photo: New York Times | Link | Ted Cruz, United States Senator, Texas, Canada, Republican,

I Felt Sorry for Ted Cruz

I felt sorry for Ted Cruz. He had to learn the hard way what the Republican Party is. You see to Republicans many of them Ted Cruz is a spic. That’s a vicious word for a person of Latin extraction, and no, it’s not an obscenity (it should be), because it’s listed in Wikipedia as a legitimate word.

But it’s racist and vicious and this is what Republicans, many of them, are.

Ted had to confront the howling mob who convinced themselves their wonder billionaire boy who is a walking testimony to greed and avarice can save their racist white supremacist view of the universe and turn back the clock to 1957.

Instead, look at them turn their backs Ted. Look at them howl in derision.

This after you ran as one of the top contenders for the crown. You would think if they were intelligent people they would at least have the decency to listen to you in stony silence as people who disagree with you withholding your endorsement of the American Napoleon (or is it Caligula)? A person with any common decency should at least hear you out, give you the simple human courtesy of letting you state your opinions.

Who said America was ever a great country? How can it be great if it produces people like these political lynch mobbers trying to drown out your speech?

And then the big boy himself, this two-legged schemer who has done something unique in American political history, tell bald-faced lies and not feel the need to defend or recant any of them. Why should he? His rabble of rabid dogs in the audience want to believe in lies.

They love lies.

They also say they love this country. That’s a lie too.

They don’t think it is. Self-deception is another lie. Thus, intelligent people describe the big boy’s never-ending sadism as a case of his “Not being perfect.”

“Sure, he’s not perfect,” they say.

This is the first time I ever felt sorry for Ted Cruz, and it has nothing to do with his earlier promise to endorse the winning candidate and then going back on his promise because the winning candidate cowardly smeared his wife and his father (whether or not any of it is true most of it of course is not because this American sociopath lies consistently as a matter of procedure, according to fact checkers double the rest of the candidates).

You see Ted that’s what republicans want---a liar. The bigger the better, and believe you me, they’ve got the best. They’ got the Picasso of lying, the absolute master of deceit, to whom lying is not only acceptable; he views it as political strategy.

No Ted. To too many Republicans, you not only broke your word because of your opponent’s shameful brutal yellow-belly conduct, the other reasons are, and I hate to break it to you because you joined the Republican Party and you thought you had a home there.

You see Ted to Republicans you’re an immigrant, and the wrong kind, a Latino. You are also to these same white Republicans a wetback, and several other insulting words denoting a person from the lower hemisphere that I won’t repeat here.

If you were a woman, they’d scream and howl and turn their backs on you and attempt to drown you out too, because all these pot-bellied men out there in the almost all-white audience of supporters are not any more gentlemen than their super hero is, their lying, conniving, standard bearer with his multiple draft deferments (he was screwing someone out of their money while I was sitting on a hilltop in Korea).

You see Ted, you didn’t realize that Republicans don’t tolerate disagreement or the right of a person to change their mind based on the abhorrent conduct of the top and I use the word literally, “dog.” They are not tolerant of freedom of speech which is a pillar of the Constitution, but they also lack a basic humanity that has nothing to do with nationalism or failed dreams or the neurotic ravings of a man who views personal worth as the skill to stomp on someone’s heart and soul.

No Ted, you’ve never been one of them, and you only found it out this week when you tried to explain your side of the matter. Take a good look at the angry faces howling at you. Ted, these people want to make you suffer because they enjoy it.

If anything the Republican Convention displayed for all to see why the country is broken because Ted, they don’t respect honesty and they never did, and you’re too honest Ted. You didn’t fall in in lock step like a robot and salute. To them you need to be gotten rid of Ted.

The sad thing is this travesty is portrayed as Democracy, or a Republic whatever you want to call it as though it’s a representative elective process and it’s not. It’s repressive and that’s why they want to suppress you Ted.

You were never white enough Ted, although even if you were as white as Newt they would still boo.

You could of asked the mob-crowd, “Don’t you think I have a right to be heard?”

“No!” They would have roared, and that’s one of the few times they would have been honest.

Truth, justice and the American way, no instead, lies, invective and hate. There’s more to come.

Don’t worry Ted. I will listen to you politely and let you speak your peace. I’m not a Republican.

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