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May Heaven and Hell forbit it

How curious, and curiously chilling, that ever since 1963 no one dared broach the most constitutionally cataclysmic of all political happenings: Assassination. No one, that is, since Hillary Clinton in that sour grapes footnote to her defeat in 2008 for the Democratic nomination.

Yet, there it lurks, given the history of this nation's love/hate relationship with the gun, this whole sordid 'affair' either blithely brushed over in jingoistics about manifest destiny and other shibboleths or simply conspicuously ignored, as is now the case.

A thought experiment is posited, again, with the uber caveat of caveat: it is hoped that this is utter fantasy, from yours truly, pacifist and non-gun owner (sold long ago, hidden carry permit relegated to a drawer with other frightening photographs of whoever that imposter was when the shutters clicked).

Here goes: a confluence of circumstances is posited here, starting with--
1) A Secret Service perhaps second only to JFK's (his likely accidental assassin, btw, if a persuasive UK documentary is credible) is deployed to protect the candidates nominated by their respective parties. [ASIDE: Are you, like yours truly, slightly unnerved by this flippant-sounding name for the most serious--and seriously oxymoronic--terms for politics: 'Party', the noun and verb? Now back to your thought experiment].

2) Next, media which is at its most seemingly diffident when covering potentially dangerous, even violent public rallies and gatherings, especially of the political stripe, a guarantee for such bad actors claim to wanted fame/attention/revenge/etc. achieving their twisted aim.

3) A certain amendment to the Constitution the contestants swear to uphold, however outdated the amendment in question, which has led to unforeseen (as opposed to unforeseeable, so much for the brilliance of the Founding Fabs......what, they couldn't foresee that musket's innovation, please) increasingly dire consequences to, um, gee, freedom itself (of movement, from fear, etc.).

4) An electorate whose angst has been piqued to critical mass status, largely given 1/-3/ above, able to acquire 3/'s 'solution' easier than a drivers license.

There, the experiment is concluded.
So, whether you're with 'Her' or 'Him' bigly, stay tuned and, whatever you do, don't say the 'A' word aloud; you'll simply be labeled a conspiracy theorist, or, perish the thought, activist, and hence ignored except by those whose hearts and minds are forever going out to X ex post facto, including those at 1/-3/, at least before the fact.

Remember, as the late great Jim Garrison, in bringing the only prosecution in that JFK thingy, warned via his 1/ through 2/ above's collusion: no one was ever held responsible.

They got away with it; even if that's not our hypothetical scenario, it's still after the fact. To put it succinctly: pray they---and our nation----aren't prey, again.

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