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Hillary Clinton
Bill and Hillary Clinton
Bill and Hillary Clinton
William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton is an American politician who served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. Inaugurated at age 46, he was the third-youngest president. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician and diplomat who was the 67th United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. | Photo: | Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Secretary Of State, Senator, President, Glasses, Retro,

Defrauding The Republic

Republican leadership is voting for a woman who's already spent 8 years in the White House, so who cares if people can protest, scream, taunt and bully behind the word Progressive throwing away their vote mindlessly and dangerously behind the perpetual demagogue; they're voting for a Green; they're voting for a Libertarian.

They are Green; they are Libertarian.

They're voting for a political dynasty, playing petty personality politics with their unisex internet platforms to foment anarchy in the streets behind what is probably the greatest overt failure to ever hold Executive Office.

This President lied to Independents in Iowa, promising to fight the war on Terror and promising to inaugurate a Green Revolution. He promised to unite the country and consistently played racial, communist politics to foment anarchy in the cities just so he could claim to be blacker than the next person at social gatherings. He lied to the American people on Healthcare, creating stagflation, and killing people to be a popular Enlightenment ruler. He piteously spouted venom against the heartland and against Republicans, equating whiteness with racism and financial privilege and some Five Hundred Thousand Caucasians died prematurely under his watch. He bridged Church and State in the name of Homosexual Marriage shuffling for a cause to galvanize his tenure. He broached Nuclear War with Russia in the name of Homosexual Marriage. He created civil wars in Libya and Syria. He flooded Europe with grabby Arabians as Europe crumbled under procreational stress. And he presided over the bombing of civilian Ukrainian targets by the Ukrainian government, lying, as he often did to attack the truth, that it was to defeat old, by-gone notions of war-fare like that which liberated Crimea legally. He sought to gain the power to bomb Americans on their own soil. Currently his legacy of saving the economy with unlimited money to expand Healthcare and grant marriage to Homosexuals seems more and more to be a Ponzi scheme of centralizing a bank to fund the world to take market share away from Americans with the government coming in to pay the American for the privilege of living under a fraudulent international government.

He came in with a credit crisis. Education has never been worse and youth solipsism has never been worse and his party's solution is to troll for totally free education?

He traded a good war of a some 6 thousand dead Americans in some 10 years for upwards of a 850 civilians killed in the last 2 years in the West, forced to stay in Afghanistan and Iraq anyway.

And Americans pretend to be drunk petty European dictators with a made-up political parties separated from the realities of America and the West?

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for an authoritarian and totalitarian symbol who speaks quota and sexist and was a complete failure as Secretary of State and complete fraud as New York Senator. Americans who believe that the anarchy fomented by Barack Obama will somehow go away with more Democrat appeasement don't deserve a vote. They run from the responsibility of living in a first-world nation and doing so commit treason against future generations of this country.

To call the ad hoc tough-talking perpetually polling campaign of Donald Trump infantile as Democrats delight in the podium-ship of rehearsed and entombed speeches is hypocritical and about the adolescent. The world is a fast and loose place of rules and talk and not a permissive prim and polished one of rehearsed speeches. That's an adolescent fantasy that European history has shown is a dangerous recipe for the enlightened and the wars they use to peddle science to claim infinite power.

Either Americans can believe a willfully negligent Liberal press and vote for an impending Communist pall that only knows how to destroy nation-states or they can vote for a culture of change to restore the very premise of civility. Vote Republican and vote for reality or vote Democrat and vote for realities. Pretending that your doing neither is just a vote for the Democrats.

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