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Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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What (I think) the World Thinks of Trump

In determining what the rest of the world thinks of Donald Trump you have to do two things:

First, add in the proclivities of a particular country (national habits, customs, et al.), then subtract the central driving force behind Trump’s popularity here in this country----the feeling of being betrayed (taxed, regulated) by a government that represents minority groups and women and gays but not you----an angry white man.

By and large it is disaffection, a subliminal feeling of, if I can’t get the system to represent me, I can at least get revenge on it by sicking my attack dog (Trump) on it.

But what about foreigners what do they think?

A lot of it has to do with national character traits and past experience with the U.S.

The British – The Brits are a nationality that revers aplomb, calm, composure, call it what you will; the nation that gave us Shakespeare are noted for their icy reserve. Look at Prince Charles. Have you ever seen him yell, or rave, wave his arms about wildly, use profanities, mock, cajole. The strongest thing Prince Charles has ever said is, “How dare you?” For this reason, this national mania for polite reserve, most British people are appalled at Trump, despise him for what they perceive as his arrogance and stupidity. British Prime Minister David Cameron called Trump “Divisive, stupid and wrong.” You can’t get much more clear than that. Unless you’re a Nazi skinhead punk living in squalor on the Lower East Side of London and searching for a scapegoat and/or victim, you likely view Trump as a spoiled, impudent musclebound beach boy of an ignorant, arrogant would-be politician whose only qualification is that he appeared on the “telly” (television).

England has supported the U.S. in the last few unpopular wars it has waged and if Trump becomes president, the country that portrayed Ricky Gervais as a scheming, cowardly, boasting, back-biting corporate Trump-like hack (The Office) isn’t likely to be impressed.

The French – You would think the French who have been wildly affectionate for decades by the antics of comedian Jerry Lewis would welcome a man who throws his arms about, bellows at the top of his voice, makes the same brainless unachievable platitudes (build a wall) like Lewis used to say over and over “Hey lady!” Trump after all jokes about peoples’ physical disabilities and ethnic heritage (Hey Pocahontas)!

However, instead of laughing at Trump and anyone would have to admit a Trump presidency will be full of ludicrous, outrageous, oxymoronic moments that at times will no doubt be hysterically funny; despite this French President Francois Hollande said Trump’s excesses made him want to puke. The French have traditionally been hostile to what they perceive as the arrogance of insufferably overbearing Americans who often visit their country and as one pot-bellied redneck recently shouted to locals in Paris, “Hey boy! I’m sick of this here French cookin.’ You got a Burger King around here boy? Is it on this here Champs Ulysses (mispronunciation of the Champs-Elysees)? You hear me boy?”

The French have a problem with Americans anyway. America in two world wars liberated the French, contributing to a sub-conscience French guilt complex (many French collaborated with Hitler), and in their Roman-Empire-like excesses Americans don’t seem to respect French culture, history or even their cooking. To rub salt in the wound Trump has threatened to scrap the military defensive NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), to which France has been at times a reluctant member.

Most French (unless you’re a Fascist) view Trump as the caricature of the original “Ugly American.”

Mexico – Mexicans despise Trump to the point that if Trump were elected president, paradoxically, a wall to keep them out might not have to be built because Mexicans even poor ones would not want to inhabit the same country that Trump does. Trump has consistently categorized Mexicans as inferiors, leeches and criminals. It should be noted in fairness to Trump that on a recent visit to Mexico to conduct foreign policy even though Trump is as yet unelected and has no official capacity to conduct foreign negotiations other than his own unbearable arrogance----he failed to call the President of Mexico a “Greaser.”

He has called Mexicans “Rapists” and “Druggies.”

The U.S. has a long disgraceful history with Mexico and South America, meddling in elections, invading countries, establishing crooked banana cartels, pillaging natural resources, and if Trump is elected president, look for relations with these countries to become the worst since 1846 (Mexican War).

Russia – This is one of Trump’s few bright spots. Forget about Putin’s attempts to get Trump elected so that Putin can extend Russian influence after the collapse of communism and the resulting reversals and withering that Putin, who wistfully loved communism, wants to reverse. Forget about all that---for now until the next scandal revelation. Putin and Trump are soulmates, figuratively two peas in a pod, Siamese Twins not joined at the hip, but firing from it, making grand pronouncements they can’t qualify. Both men are totally cynical negative creatures who portray themselves as positive to the public, but who understand each other like a duck understands water.

It’s hard to say at this point what impact a Trump presidency would have on furthering the always-moist Russian sentiment for expansion of influence, but at the very least independence movements in the Crimea and Ukraine would suffer.

In this case the average Russian has little idea of Trump and perhaps cares little, occupied as he is by just trying to economically survive from day to day. His government however would rejoice in a Trump White House. Both Putin and Trump lack idealism, both are bottom-line hard-liners, kind of like the way one gangster respects the other.

There is a historical parallel. The Chinese in 1974 could not understand why the American people were persecuting Richard Nixon, threatening him with impeachment simply because he committed crimes and undermined the Constitution. They loved Nixon who had come to visit them and thus legitimized their ruthless regime.

A Trump presidency means warmer ties with Russia and a more powerful Russia.

Australia – Same as England (see above).

Japan – The Japanese value humility to the point they are not able to understand Trump’s solar-system-sized ego and because of this they can’t understand what he is saying and so they can’t be offended by him. This will take time.

North Korea – Same as Russia (see above).

Canada – Half the same as England (see above), half the same as France (see above).

Middle East – Though Trump has boasted he will clean house on ISIL terrorism most reasonable people in the sand-dune countries seem to view him as a cross between a buffoon and the German Nazi Heinrich Himmler. Trump’s pledge to prevent Muslims from visiting the U.S. they view as a brand of racist-religious xenophobia and maintain that Trump’s anti-Muslim sentiments only fuel recruiting efforts by terrorists. The average person in the Middle East thinks Trump is a phony and a hypocrite, always talking about Muslim terror while for example ignoring the thousands of Muslims killed in Iraq by U.S. forces.

A Trump presidency will no doubt keep oil pumping from there to here via the power brokers of the region such as the Saudi Royal Family, who may even view Trump sympathetically as an illegitimate type of king (no doubt how Trump views himself too). But a Trump presidency will likely continue a long tradition of U.S. involvement in the area---that of utter failure.

Continent of Africa – It is expected Trump will extend his controversial statements that black Americans should vote for him because they have nothing to lose because they are losers anyway, no decent jobs, housing and high crime, to all of Africa too. Even though people in African countries can’t vote in the General Election. This would be in keeping with Trump’s proclivity toward megalomania, “Today the State of Georgia, tomorrow all of Nigeria and Chad.”

Africans, who have had to deal with many hardships, plagues and wars over the past 50 years, will likely view President Trump as yet one more misfortune, perhaps an annoyance ranked just below the Tsetse fly.

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