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A pox on both your houses

The Greeks gave a name to this most human of 'only human' traits; the Bard gave it dramatic staging; in 2016, the Americans made it a political suicide note.

A pox on both your houses

Invoking the Bard, 'a pox on both your houses' comes percolating to our collective mind when painfully contemplating the two year ordeal we have be subjected to as a once proud--and proudly wrought, by 'only humans'--nation state tries vainly to staunch its shared bleeding (of tears, Mr. Trump) from its overflowing eyes.

And, back, again to those magnificent paradoxical Greeks whose notions of a republic became ours, along with its inherent fragility as an 'only human' construct. Hence, their caveat by way of this fatal flaw, hubris, able to bring down anything so humanly crafted as a system of self-governance. In its seemingly highest form this republic, as engineered by Plato, revered in the West as the greatest of all philosophers of ancient--perhaps all--times, Whitehead aptly calling all others since as mere footnotes to him/his. Yet even he had to invent the 'noble lie' to make it work: most humans are made of bronze, so, those made of gold must rule.

Which leads us back to Americans and their gilding political parties which, in their dry-rot over time, have managed to offer up two tinny gold-plated not-so-noble liars.

As even P.T. Barnum might have conceded, Mr. Trump is by far the more transparent of the freakish offerings of these parties (in the case of Ms. Clinton, she literally parties like it's 1999, ugh).

But, then, there is the oblique Ms. Clinton, ah, to be or not to be... forthright, there's the rub (albeit, unlike Hamlet, she expects her legitimate critics to fall on their bodkins).

Her hubris is such that she may achieve the worst of Pyhrric victories since, well, Pyhrrus himself. "He was one of the strongest opponents of early Rome. Some of his battles, though successful, caused him heavy losses, from which the term Pyrrhic victory was coined. He is the subject of one of Plutarch's Parallel Lives." (Wikipedia) Speaking of parallel lives, it may be that she's done him one up and then some, privately embracing Roman Wall Street while publicly feigning its siege. (Wikileaks)

Let's focus on just one of her latest mantras---'what can we tell our children?' Glad you asked, madam, the truth would suffice, at long last. Here's a first draft, free of charge to her otherwise overflowing campaign coffers:

"Um, ok, kids... sorry, that means baby goats, doesn't it? Haha. So, there's this thing called the budget, that's where we decide how much to spend on things that need doing, like say schools. Then, there's this thing called the deficit, what we spend that we don't have... that's where we borrow money, and pay it back, say when you're my age, ahem; oh, now, let's not forget about all this hooting and hollering about my problems with those doggone investigations---that man--don't you want a mommy for President?! Hahaha. Yes, my lawyers will handle that, while I do what I can for you, and the future, that's when you're older, like me, ok? So, now, don't you worry and tell your parent not to, I'll be working hard every day to (phone rings) oh, please excuse me kids, children, I don't like to be rude (into phone) 'Well tell that jerk to call my attorneys, subpoena or no... '(to kids) Haha, these phones, now don't you go taking them into class, you hear?

You get the picture. One final thought, about where she pretends to oppose Rome, like that parallel dude, Pyhrrus--her son-in-law's Jewish and may have reminded her about Samson, the dude who opposed those nasty Philistines, kind of like what Rome later was to the Jews, yes, the guy whose strength was in his hair, until Deliliah cut it off; well, they chained him to the temple pillars, those Greek style supports. Anyway, in the end he pulls down the temple around him and his enemies.

Today we call people who are ignorant philistines. Let us pray that, in her efforts to oppose these modern day people, like Trump, she doesn't, you know, bring down our flimsy (see: Ben Franklin's warning about republics) temple of democracy with her latest short hair style.

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