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Marshall McLuhan
Marshall McLuhan
Marshall McLuhan
Herbert Marshall McLuhan, CC (Born: July 21, 1911, Edmonton, Canada, Died: December 31, 1980, Toronto, Canada) was a Canadian professor, philosopher, and public intellectual. His work is viewed as one of the cornerstones of the study of media theory. | Marshall Mcluhan, Media, Canada, Anchor, Professor, Philosopher,

For something completely dissident

Call me Monte-no, not with a 'y', although they did presage the coming of relatively good education with foolish campy behavior; 'why', you ask, glad you did.

Back in the day the full moniker was mountebank, one who deceives others, a charlatan; today-and this is the dissident part my confreres will pillory me for-it's a far more general and widely spread (like manure) name known as that thing Chris Hedges so precisely has described as the triumph of spectacle. That name is very appropriate, don't you agree, given that when we observe what's now lumpily called 'content' in all its splendor is done by a bespectacled audience-spectating, it's also called.

It's that lumping together of that content we're dealing with here, folks (note the folksy term used by those usually peddling their..content, contentedly). All those ugly actors in D.C. and on T.V., they've got the same agents.

You see, it's a popular cultural phenomenon that started back around the time that folksy (now old) Bill Clinton, feeling your pain, reckoned that that darn ole law what kept big old corporations from buying up all sorts of 'media' (this is discussed in detail in this AND Magazine article: ). What that good old boyish fellow done done was, well, to unleash the dogs of whore-ish (his Yale/Oxford buds call this meretricious at his and Hillary's dinner parties) merger to the point where, well, shucks, all them Hollow Wood agents started in to repping them news media folks (a.k.a. anchors/talking heads/news readers) at the same time they were repping all them A list actors and directors and such.

Well, now, presto change-o, that Hollow Wood magic it done took ahold of them what give out the 'news', you know the sort, always 'breaking' for some reason or t'other every dang other minute it seems, all hooched up, too, with theme music, kinda like a soundtrack they call it, yep.

And, like them actors and directors, see, you all start liking this one and not that one so that they geeky math fellers back in the windowless office of this or that network tell them to go and hire him or her away from t'other network, see, 'cause your eyes are gonna follow him or her, yep. These favorite anchor/actors they've got a pretty good deal, too, seeing as how they don't have to memorize their scripts, neither, nope, just read what's put on that old prompter machine, easy peasy. Heck, a really nice part about this here arrangement is that the real nice lookers in this anchor/reader bunch get themselves into them movies, you know the ones what go on about this or that real thing what could happen in the 'real' world, see.

What the?! Sorry, I felt possessed by this strange energy, was I biting my lower lip, talkin like this here, all countrified? Oh, right, you can't see... anyway, I'm back, I think.

Well, that's that, confession's good for the soul, they say; I, that is we now return you to your regular(?) viewing habits, and leave you with that clever old 'cool' message from that Canadian neighbor, Mr. McLuhan: 'The medium is the massage.' *

Enjoy that massage, should be... spectacular.

*This was the typographical error on the proofs returned by his publisher for approval; when he saw they'd changed 'message' to 'massage' he loved it, and found it subliminally intended.

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