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Obamacare crashing
Obamacare crashing
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The promise of everlasting life and the spite to defend it

President 44 Barack Obama certainly leaves quite a legacy on the American. He's the guy who promised universal Healthcare, breaking promises and gauging the public to deliver to almost some 20 Million more Americans then had it before. Who cares if their problems could be handled by Medicaid and Medicare? The promise and the precedent to deliver Socialism to the people is ineffable, awesome and Federalist, because it's unlimited now: genetic.

Who cares if it's unsustainable? That's the Republicans' fault.

Obama, countering 911 promises delivered bold to the Iowa Caucuses, took America out of dual 911 police-actions, war, and saved lives while enjoying all the sweep and privilege of the counter-Terror 911 Presidency. Who cares if he was caught assassinating Americans via robot? That's transparency for you. And started by the other guys. It was the Republicans' fault: precedent.

Obama saved the economy with brilliant economic stratagem, printing unlimited money to save a corrupt system, making the doomed too-big-to-fail structure so big it wouldn't fail again. It's not his fault it sounds doomed. It was the other guys. Corrupt free-marketeers did it. The Clintons' and their repeal of Glass-Steagall, keeping commercial and investment banks separate, only under scores the endemic corruption of bankers that the government can't prosecute. Evil bankers, banking off the other guy, blaming them when everything is actually their fault.

Who cares if the ever popular Obama speaks to his racial heritage, protecting racialized words and deeds in the face of the law? He's just reflecting a changing America that is learning how to be less white and frankly less racist. Are riots to be blamed on the President? Cop killings? Cop executions? He made it illegal to threaten police overtly on Twitter. What more do you want? Appeasing latent frustration only causes less riots and more peaceful ones, saving property and the American brand from the worst.

Who cares if some Asian leader thinks he can besmirch the Wellfare State and black leadership? Black lives matter now.

What are you? A Russian trying to split up states that should be fire-bombed into submission like the Western oversight of the bombing of the Ukraine or the Saudi bombing of Yemen or the silent-partner bombing of Syria, which in this smart-bomb age at least 3 times has been guilty of targeting the wrong side? Maybe you'd rather that Americans were dying, settling issues that have nothing to do with us like Oil and freedom? It sounds like it.

And Obama isn't the international fool like the last G20 portrayed him to be. That's probably just racism. He stewarded a dangerous world, banking on the hope of democracy to ignite the Arab Spring. Who cares if it failed and resulted in Terrorist States operating Oil and killing Westerners by the dozen, hundred, whatever? At least he tried, instead of promoting Western Colonialism to mine and steal values resources for some monetary game to survive a Winter Climate that should just be austere Socialism of an irrelevant people who once policed and subjugated.

What's that? You don't know what I'm talking about? Racist. You probably think that the 2008 crash came about because of Barack Obama and his relationship to a racist Christian church. Stop blame shifting. Even Obama admitted the Clintons ran a subpar campaign after sanctioning Russia again for spreading propaganda in English via their popular news channel. Be a man. Take responsibility. All the President does is talk. And everybody agrees no one talks as well as Hawaii's own folksy Barack: man of the people and, yes, black Winner of the 2009 Noble Peace Prize.

Sounds like all that fake news out there is clogging your thinking. Try to keep up. The Confederate flag is a symbol of hate and oppression now. States' rights are a joke. The world has changed. It's your responsibility to change with it. People must get along. Migration is a civil right. Oops.

He has been a bit Federalist though, while doing nothing to regulate business.

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