The Great Divide

Rex Tillerson
Rex Tillerson
Rex Tillerson
Rex Wayne Tillerson, born March 23, 1952, is an American businessman. He was the chairman and chief executive officer of ExxonMobil from 2006 to 2016. | Rex Tillerson, Exxon, Ceo, Mobile, Secretary Of State, Russia,

Foreign policy takes shapes under Trump

Preeminent Exxon-Mobil C.E.O. Rex Tillerson took the stand to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in his Confirmation Hearing. Unfortunately, he took a stand. Blistering Russophobic cross-examination could not force Tillerson to take the easy way and pretend that Foreign Policy begins and ends with hatred of the prominent news outlet Russia Today. He wouldn't just call Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal. ("A very serious charge.") And although he stands with NATO in denouncing the annexation of Crimea, he wouldn't say that Crimea couldn't become Russian with the understanding of the Ukrainian people.

None of this is fake news. If war-hawks with the Republican party blow up the Foreign Relations' vote on Tillerson, the entire Senate will have to vote on such things as do they or don't they watch and subscribe to Russia Today? Do they or don't they feel content with the bilateral bombing campaign, granting cover to regional powers in Syria via truthiness and surgicality or surgicality and truthiness? Do they or don't they feel reassured by the overwhelming democracy that annexed Crimea or are there Intelligence Community reports that force them to grandstand on truthiness by surgicality alone?

Once it only took Joseph Welch asking Joe McCarthy if he had no sense of decency at long last, and the lyrical stylizings of Gary Cooper put a stop to rabid Russiaphobia in America. Russiaphobia that confused issues and lead to land-wars over Naval diplomacy. Now it seems it would take a Secretary of State if not a President to remind the governing body that America is now in a multi-polar world. It can lose it's 20th century hegemony of the sea and all the jobs that entails or it can begin to act its age.

Shots fired in the Straits of Horus signal a dwindling privilege to police sea lanes before a rapidly Nuclear Iran.

With so many Senators concerned about the brow-furroughing of retiring NSA head James Clapper and his distaste for certified Russian English-language news networks, the President Elect could take the Confirmation Hearing to turn failed American Foreign Policy under the Obama Administration to level of kangaroo court, choosing to ridicule small-minded politicians who profess to care about the loss of American prestige abroad but can't seem to disagree with an Intelligence Community promoting double-speak and introspection with a Fake News barrage to get it's polarizing, left-leaning institutions to begin to cover events with a grain of salt again.

Issues like Isis' imprint Online and overseas are lost. Issues like China's rising naval and military power are lost. The Navy's dwindling prestige is lost. The Administration would raise the Navy's profile just as India and China raise their's. These are not fake news installments that call for the haughtiness of U.S.A. Senators without any real executive experience or real-world cynicism. These are National Security issues about the consistency of the domestic economy and its tendency towards hysteria.

The last President left his Wellfare State demeaned by petulant riots in a climate of low-manufacturing when over-seas powers could easily impact American National Security based on their satisfaction with the American Consumer Economy. The last President set fire to the Middle East in a P.R. Arabic Spring, leaving it to burn and burnt all of America's 911 capital. Europe crumbles. Russia shakes with anger. And U.S.A. Senators squabble about sanctions with all the sanctimonious blithery of an F.D.R. who couldn't ever face Nazi Germany and wouldn't ever take responsibility for the arms it bestowed onto Japan. Arrogant sanctions from the land beyond the seas are no substitute for rationale diplomacy: whatever that in fact does mean. Any Senator in the Obama age should now see that clearly. One can't go accepting Noble Peace Prize awards to sow Anarchy with flowery speeches. And one can't just keep hammering Russia in some genocidal American Homesteading action to the next power after pacified Europe. The Information Age will not allow it. The lens is too big. Doing so will only paint a target on America's back for being a demonizing bully that thinks it can topple cultures during Internet.

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