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Backdraft in Politics Today

Stage fright
Stage fright
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Sometimes it's typical; sometimes typical is terrifying

Politics is really mostly always a Backdraft. Some subject is on fire and a discussion about it leads to explosive rhetoric and the end of the subject, if not the fire, which burns in the audience like never before to know and uphold the truth no matter what people pretend is actually going on in politics today. It's nothing! A reflection of family values and little else!

After 8 years of a President who fit the term leading from behind to differ to the will of mobs in the Internet age during the handheld revolution of smart-phone comes a new President. (Protest, riot, smash, bang! Hollywood!

Reportedly, the President lost the popular vote by some 3 Million. Well, that's not important. What is important is what happened that night in the Electoral College, because we live in a Republic.

The President, adding fuel to the fire, has claimed that Millions may have voted illegally, and he will be conducting an investigation. The last President claimed to be defending voters by centralizing voting norms in the Federal government. He penchant for buying votes with lame seminal Healthcare and phones leads to suspicions in this regard to say nothing to the fact that Federal government has no stake in voting besides growing the State. (Through fraud)

The President called fraud on the acting Attorney General and fired her for claiming she would not defend his Executive Order to freeze and investigate immigration from 7 warring countries. He called fraud on Senate minority leader, who he caught crying publically over the ban, citing partizan tears or fake tears. He called fraud again when the Senators mic didn't work for a rally the next day, stating that it was indicative of a messy Democrat Party.

Protests grip airports and taxi services. Protesters cry bigotry and Unconstitutionality of a religious ban, halting travel for 90 days with a 120 day refugee administration stay on all refugee movements while cutting from 100,000 to 50,000 permitted to enter the country of the United States for 2017. So Green Card Holders could pass. So Trump-supporters could continue to be branded the problem with the country by the media, so that Democrats believing in wage-suppression through no borders could have their Ponzi Scheme, paying slave wages to pay off the advertising sector of the beautiful, raw and totally censored Internet that will propel us, Information Age, through to the Post Industrial Age.

Bang, pop, whiz: Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Sudan!

And meanwhile, the United Nations of the Arab League of the anti-Semetic post-Israeli endoctrination bloodless revolution with Terrorism supposedly didn't approve of the President's Foreign Policy. It would exacerbate problems. It was myopic.

It is not the United States of America.

And it is no longer the National Security Council advisory board, seeing the White House Chief Strategist take a position.

And to make matters worse, the President promised to install safe-zones in Syria during cease-fire talks in Astana and Geneva that notably didn't involve the United States, seeing Turkey, Iran and Russia bringing Syria and the opposition to the bargaining table.

And now Russia, via it's B.B.C-like English-news wing, R.T, broadcasts the Foreign Minister's Sergei Lavrov is pleased to know that America, who was only present at Astana through an obervational Kyrgistani ambassador, will be playing a hand in keeping the peace of the volatile Syrian-Iraqi current situation.

The President experienced his first combat loss in Yemen for the Navy Seals. Boom!

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