Thru Pence?

Mike Pence
Mike Pence
Mike Pence
Vice President Mike Pence said at a conference February 18, 2017, that the United States strongly supports NATO and "will be unwavering in our commitment to this trans-Atlantic alliance." | Photo: FOX News | Link | Mike Pence, Republican, Nato, Vice President,

Three pennies for his thoughts.

Thru Pence?

In pursuit of all things British, this Anglophile prays your indulgence in steeling its once colonies for perilous times embodied in this year some 500 or so years hence of the year 1547.

Hence, of he named Pence.

'Introduced by King Edward VI, the threepence was first minted in England in 1547. Due to its unfavourably small size in 1937, a larger 12-sided coin (making it easily distinguishable) was introduced -- on the back of this coin a 'Thrift Plant' was featured, a pun at the time when saving was being encouraged.'

And speaking of 'when saving was being encouraged', let us turn our collective Will (as in the Bard) to sitting not quite on the cold ground to 'tell sad stories of the death of kings'--or those who would be, in America.

Two English words, then, will occupy our present tense and its circumstances: 'steel' and 'pence'.

1/Steel: It is put forth that this term, both noun expressing strength and verb denoting that quality's employment, is the phonetic companion--in both its senses--to one British former spy, Christopher Steele. Known to his few high-achieving peers as 'a real life James Bond', this man of the realm would perhaps be aware of the puns upon his name both in service to a queen and disservice to a man who would be king across the ocean named for yet another seeming fantasy, Atlantis.

Author of a dossier on certain doings of a certain American in old Russia, this august fellow has now emerged from self-imposed exile in one or more safe houses such types are wont to frequent when necessary and his once thought wild observations seem more and more to have taken on the quality of, well, steel. Now, science tells us that spiders silk is, pound for pound--even pence for pence--stronger than steel; given this fact..can it be that the web of dueling assertions and denials by accused and accuser will have proved both science's and Steele's strengths? In the spirit of that very old pun concerning saving minted upon that threePence coin perhaps the 'press' of time and tides upon Atlantic shores will, as with the coin in question, serve to enlarge and distinguish this purpose of thrift in the service of no kingly crown, but rather the chess-like queen atop the Capitol in Columbia's District.

2/Pence: Puns being by nature irresistible can it be that this rather British pun has assumed flesh at such a time of peril and in the name of the encouragement of saving?

'Pence family history likely started in Buckinghamshire, England. Pence genealogy in the New World began with Richard Pence, who came to Saint Kitts, West Indies, in 1634. The Pence family motto is dum clarum rectum teneam, which means may I keep the line of right as well as of glory.'

Aha, the keeping of the line of right, itself not a necessary opposite of glory; yet, when one would prefer glory over right, it would seem that the mission of salvation concerning this surname's holder is clear.

Let us all hope and pray that that saving, encouraged long ago by a King he would have held to account in the ancient name of 'right', remains as solid as its once well-circulating steely coinage and that Pence's mettle find its pun in Steele.

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