Qilin Veemon

Qilin Veemon

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Jason Aardiman: When we think of gamers, we don't think of someone like you. We're not alone, are we?

Qilin Veemon: Yes, I get that a lot actually. I think the gaming world is shifting though and there's a lot more girls getting involved in gaming. It's not uncommon to come across a girl gamer nowadays. There's actually more girls that are into gaming in Asia where I come from, so to me it's not a strange concept.

JA: Define the relationship between your day-to-day life, and gaming

QV: I'm constantly thinking about games. Whenever I hang out with my friends, we're always talking about gaming. I usually play daily... sometimes all day! [Laughs]

JA: What was your first video game?

QV: Oh man, it's been a such a long time...Megaman probably. It's a series of platformer games. I was so young and don't remember exactly how or when I played. In Vietnam it was pre-installed in most computers so it was readily available. I played the series all the way through middle school.

JA: Why are you so active on

QV: I really love gaming and art so I'm really determined to create my own community that likes doing the things I like to do!

Qilin Veemon
Qilin Veemon

Qilin Veemon is a gamer and Cosplayer. | Photo: Sandy Porter | Link |
JA: How are you received by the gaming community around you?

QV: I tend to hide my gender when I'm in games. It's still a male dominated area and if anything goes bad during the game, they'll tend to blame the female. On, I filter out the people who shame girls or are rude. This way my gaming community is very supportive of me streaming and they regularly come by to see what I'm up to. This really helps motivate me.

JA: How has Instagram (@qilin_anh) changed your career?

QV: It definitely helps my viewers see what I'm up on my days off of Twitch. It also really helps promote me and my channel to people who wouldn't otherwise have found me, so it's a really useful tool.

JA: Has gaming had any negative effects on your life?

QV: It takes up way too much of my time, to the point where my life revolves around it [laughs]. If I go on a losing spree, I get completely tilted and get frustrated.

JA: What is your game of choice and why?

QV: No matter what new games I try to pick up, I end up going back to League of Legends. I think I have a weird relationship with it! It's always the same map, it's nothing new, but I'm totally addicted to it.

JA: Is your beauty used in any gaming strategy?

QV: Not really, as I mentioned earlier, I usually hide my gender when I play games and don't really use my identity to affect the games I play.

JA: Can your opponents see you while you play?

QV: If they know who I am beforehand, then they can look up my stream. Otherwise, not really!

Qilin Veemon
Qilin Veemon

Qilin Veemon is a gamer and Cosplayer. | Photo: Sandy Porter | Link | Qilin Veemon, Gamer, Video Game, Face, Lips, Sexy, Elbow, Window, Bed, Lace, Vietnam,
JA: Do you promote your Instagram page (@qilin_anh) with your fellow gamers?

QV: Yes, but I think that I promote my Twitter (@qilinanh) more because that's where I update my Twitch information.

JA: Do you have a gaming idol?


JA: What can fans expect from you in the next 12 months?

QV: I want to finish more cosplays and try to improve my stream too. I really want to get better at being a League player so I can get to Diamond and get better at aiming in shooters too.

JA: What are you doing with your modeling career, if any?

QV: I'm just taking a bunch of pictures, that's all! I'm a Professional Selfie Model.

JA: If you could change your name, would you?

QV: I love my in-game name and everybody knows me by that name, but I don't think I'd change my real name.

JA: Creation or evolution?

QV: Evolution.

JA: Describe your love life.

QV: I am in love with cats. Sometimes I have crushes on Manga or gaming characters.

JA: To improve the fashion industry, what three things would you do with a magic wand?

QV: I wish clothing lines would offer more variety for different body types, its difficult for me to find clothes that fit me sometimes because they aren't tailored for small waists. Second, make it popular for fashion designers to design clothes about video game characters. That'd be so cool. Last, I want clothes to be designed for cat girls.

JA: Have you ever downplayed (or up-played) your intelligence for work?

QV: I'm pretty chill. I just act like myself. I don't try to dumb myself down or pretend I'm smarter than I am either. I think people respect that more. We do, however, all have our derp moments.

Qilin Veemon
Qilin Veemon

Qilin Veemon is a gamer and Cosplayer. | Photo: Sandy Porter | Link | Qilin Veemon, Gamer, Video Game, Face, Lips, Sexy,

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