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There Was No Battle

There Was No Battle
There Was No Battle
There Was No Battle
There Was No Battle - Nothing to see here, move along - That american forces in syria have been engaged in direct combat with russian forces is remarkable. what is perhaps more remarkable is the total lack of interest of most mainstream media outlets in th | Photo: James Faddis | Trump, Russian, American, Putin, Syria,

American forces in Syria have been engaged in direct combat with Russian forces

"The reports that are on TV about ... well, you know, about Syria and the 25 people that are wounded there from the Syrian f--- army and — well ... to make it short, we've had our asses f--- kicked. So one squadron f--- lost 200 people ... right away, another one lost 10 people ... and I don't know about the third squadron, but it got torn up pretty badly, too ... So three squadrons took a beating ... The Yankees attacked ... first they blasted the f--- out of us by artillery, and then they took four helicopters up and pushed us in a f--- merry-go-round with heavy caliber machine guns ... They were all shelling the holy f--- out of it, and our guys didn't have anything besides the assault rifles ... nothing at all, not even mentioning shoulder-fired SAMs or anything like that ... So they tore us to pieces for sure, put us through hell, and the Yankees knew for sure that the Russians were coming, that it was us, f--- Russians ... Our guys were going to commandeer an oil refinery, and the Yankees were holding it ... We got our f--- asses beat rough, my men called me ... They're there drinking now ... many have gone missing ... it's a total f--- up, it sucks, another takedown ... Everybody, you know, treats us like pieces of s--- ... They beat our asses like we were little pieces of s--- ... but our f--- government will go in reverse now, and nobody will respond or anything, and nobody will punish anyone for this ... So these are our casualties."

That's a partial transcript of intercepts of Russian mercenaries talking in Syria published recently by the online site Polygraph. The individual speaking in the transcript is a survivor of a battle between Russian mercenary forces in the employ of Vladimir Putin and American troops on the ground inside Syria. The battle that is being described took place in early February and resulted in the virtual annihilation of the attacking Russian forces.

According to the Pentagon a Russian force of approximately 500 men assaulted a position held by American forces. The Americans responded with air strikes and artillery barrages. American casualties appear to have been virtually nil.

That American forces in Syria have been engaged in direct combat with Russian forces is remarkable. What is perhaps more remarkable is the total lack of interest of most mainstream media outlets in the event.

Open combat between US and Russian troops would seem to be something of major import, the kind of thing that would lead to flashes concerning "breaking news" and regular updates on the progress of hostilities. Yet, I am betting that the average American has heard nothing about this story and is completely unaware of the fact that we just destroyed an entire battalion of Russian troops.

The problem is, of course, that this event, like so many other virtually unreported events, runs counter to the narrative being force fed to the American people by media outlets aligned against Donald Trump. From the moment President Trump won the election, even before he was inaugurated in fact, there has been a vast, nationwide propaganda campaign to delegitimize his presidency and to make it impossible for him to govern.

The foundation for that campaign has been a bald, unsubstantiated accusation that Trump only won, because he received some unspecified support from the Kremlin. He is a puppet. He is a real life Manchurian candidate. Vladimir Putin is pulling the strings and making policy in the White House.

That there is no evidence to substantiate these claims does not seem to matter. That Robert Mueller, Special Prosecutor run amok, has yet to turn up any evidence of such collusion and has been reduced to indicting people for decade old offenses they committed before Donald Trump even thought about running for the White House does not matter.

It would be really hard, however, to continue to paint President Trump as a Russian puppet if people understood how forcefully he just stood up to Russian aggression in Syria. So, since there is no way to spin the killing and wounding of hundreds of Russian troops as being consistent with the fiction that Putin owns Trump the only available course of action is to completely bury the story. It never happened.

That this is where we are as a society should terrify every individual in this country. You may love Donald Trump. You may despise him. Wherever you stand, the idea that the news media simply decides to effectively censor its reporting of world events in order to shape your thinking ought to be very, very disturbing.

About a week ago the United States sailed an armada of ships, including a nuclear aircraft carrier, straight through the heart of the South China Sea, the strategic portion of the Pacific Ocean annexed by China during the Obama years. After sitting idly by, wringing our hands and doing nothing for eight years, in the most direct way imaginable we told the Chinese that their territorial claims were null and void and that the United States would guarantee freedom of navigation to the nations of the world.

Again, there was virtually no coverage of this event. A Russian puppet, a man unfit to sit in the Oval Office, could not be recognized for asserting American power and restoring American prestige.

These are not isolated cases. These are not oversights. These are the new norm in the age where the press has taken sides and seeks not to inform you but to shape your thinking.

There is no end in sight to this behavior. It will continue as far out as we can see into an uncertain future. Be forewarned. And, remember, there was no battle.

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