A Sitcom Called Stormy Does Donald

A Sitcom Called Stormy Does Donald
A Sitcom Called Stormy Does Donald
A Sitcom Called Stormy Does Donald
A Sitcom Called Stormy Does Donald - Want To Open More Cans Of Worms? Go Ahead, Make My Day! - Will America be smart enough to elect a Commander-in-Chief we can all be proud of? | Photo: James Faddis | President, Stormy, Daniels, Finger Pointing, Swamp,

Want To Open More Cans Of Worms? Go Ahead, Make My Day!

Are we the leaders of the free world? Protecting democracies around the globe? Setting a good example for developing countries? Let's ask Stormy Daniels what she thinks. Does anyone still care about our ever growing inner city poverty, eliminating the opioid epidemic or rebuilding our dangerously deteriorating bridges and highways? Nah... we'd rather read what our distinguished President tweets about slime balls.

Hey finger pointers, yea you, the finger pointers in glass houses. Maybe it's time to reintroduce "Bill and Monica" into the feeding tank frenzy. If you like, we could pull up more of the same. We can go back to JFK and Marilyn. Want to open more cans of worms? Go ahead, make my day! This is much more entertaining than figuring out how to fix our national debt.

Here we go again...we are really hitting a new low with this one. I can see it now, they'll call it Prostitutes and the President – the next documentary short series on PBS. Better yet, maybe a sitcom called Stormy Does Donald – perfect for a network with low viewer ratings – and we know who you are! It's certainly more appealing than seeking solutions to end the civil wars all around the world.

So our President wants to "Drain the Swamp!" It will be interesting to watch since he's now living in it. But let's not forget those living in the murky waters with our leader of the free world - the choir boy, perfect angel, bottom dwellers. The same bottom dwellers who waste our time and tax money by the billions. Do you really need to think about why our beloved Congress has the lowest approval ratings in history? But let's not forget these historical milestones were already in place before Don Juan made his plunge into the leach infested waters to serve with his fellow elected public servants. And while the swamp is being drained, someone better remember to make sure Hillary's emails don't get washed away again!

Bet you I know the reason why Paul Ryan is leaving Swampington. He won't admit it but I would wager the house he's totally embarrassed by everything Washington D.C. has become. Speaker Ryan seems to be smart enough to look ahead and probably thinks about what happened at the Alamo. Don't be surprised if the soon to be former Speaker resurfaces after the Stormys have past. I would also put good money down that President Don Juan calls it a day after his first term ends. And wouldn't we love to be flies on the wall when Mr. President walks thru the door and Mrs. Trump is waiting to have a word with him as she just watched Stormy tells all on national television. But don't worry, our severe immigration problems can wait.

On another note, I also feel bad for our fellow citizens living in the State of Washington, the beautiful state in the northwest corner of our country. Why? Because they now have to spend more time and energy on distinguishing themselves from "DC". But they shouldn't worry too much as it's hard to mix up beautiful majestic pine trees with muck.

Bottom line, it's really disappointing to see what our country is turning into. We're being led by a bunch of narcissistic, narrow minded individuals. And there's plenty in both parties! So it comes down to will we ever rebound and get back to electing our fellow citizens full of integrity and class? I know in my heart our country is still full of hard working honest patriotic people. But where are you hiding? I believe a few of these people went to DC with good intensions to make a difference but unfortunately were consumed by the beast and turned into one of "them."

It's an odd mystery why we can't seem to figure out how to find honorable strong leaders to choose from our masses when selecting our Commander-in-Chiefs. And even more so, will America be smart enough to elect a Commander-in-Chief we can all be proud of? Sounds good, but are we up for the task?

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