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There is No Blue Wave

There is No Blue Wave
There is No Blue Wave
There is No Blue Wave
There is No Blue Wave - A New Gallup Poll Shows Just How Out Of Touch Democrats Are - The single biggest issue about which Americans are concerned is immigration. | Photo: James Faddis | Trump, Americans, Democratic, Hillary, Blue Wave,

A New Gallup Poll Shows Just How Out Of Touch Democrats Are

Before Election Day 2016 the "intelligentsia" – that self-appointed and self-important class of faux intellectuals, which believes itself superior to the average American and thereby entitled to tell the rest of us what to do, what to think and how to live – considered Donald Trump a joke. Hillary Clinton was, in all but name only, the next President of the United States. The election was a tedious formality. "The Donald" would soon be back hosting a reality TV show, and the status quo would remain intact.

The members of the "intelligentsia" awoke the next day to disbelief. The unthinkable had happened. Hillary had been defeated. The man they had ridiculed for so long was the new President.

These "Never-Trumpers", in both parties, were faced with two choices:

~Option A – They could consider the possibility that they were out of step with much of America. They could recognize that economic and trade policies followed for a generation had hollowed out America's economy and left far too many Americans struggling just to get by. They could take a long hard look in the mirror and then run like hell to catch up with the times.

~Option B – They could find a convenient fantasy and cling to the belief that this was all a bad dream.

They chose Option B. They concocted the notion that the Russians had stolen our election. Hillary was President; she was just in exile. Trump's nefarious backroom deals with Russian spies and Vladimir Putin would be exposed. America would see him for the Manchurian Candidate he was. He would be expelled from the Oval Office. The rightful heir to the throne, Hillary Clinton, would be installed.

Eighteen months into the Trump Presidency that fiction has been exposed for exactly what it is, a fiction. The Mueller investigation has determined that Russian intelligence engaged in hacking and propaganda efforts. It has documented a number of miscellaneous violations of federal law by individuals connected in some way to the Trump campaign, most of which appear to date to many years before Donald Trump ever ran for office. It has produced no evidence whatsoever to support the idea that Trump was somehow installed in office.

Once again, the members of the intelligentsia have been presented with a choice:

~Option A – They can wake up, smell the coffee and begin to understand that Trump won, Hillary lost and it's all over but the shouting.

~Option B - They can find a new fantasy.

Once again, these "Never Trumpers", have opted for Option B. The new fantasy? The "Blue Wave".

According to this theory, the Democratic Party will sweep the mid-term elections sending a wave of Democratic Senators and Congressmen to Washington and signaling that the American people have regained their senses. The nation will begin to wake from its collective nightmare. The Trump Presidency will be on its way to extinction.

There's just one problem. This fantasy is just as devoid of factual basis as its predecessor.

A recent Gallup poll sheds some very illuminating light on where Americans are politically and what they care about.

The single biggest issue about which Americans are concerned is immigration. Fully 22% of the people polled said it was the top issue for them. For a Republican President and a Republican Party laser focused on controlling the border, enforcing the law and limiting immigration in general this is very good news. For a Democratic Party, which is increasingly dominated by self-proclaimed socialists who want to abolish ICE and take in more refugees, this is a rude wake up call.

The second most important issue for Americans according to the Gallup poll is dissatisfaction with the performance of the government. This must be music to the ears of a President whose signature line is "drain the swamp" and who wages war in social media every day with federal bureaucrats. For Democratic lawmakers looking every day to expand the role of government in the lives of Americans these results should be extremely disheartening.

Perhaps even more important are the things Americans do not appear to care about. The economy has in the past often dominated Gallup polling. As many as 75% of Americans have on occasion responded to polling questions by citing the economy as their number one concern. In the most recent poll only 4% of Americans said worry about the economy topped their list of issues. That suggests very strongly that the "Trump economy" is beginning to pay big political dividends.

To add insult to injury, after a year and a half of non-stop attacks on Donald Trump by Democratic politicians and the news media, less than 1% of Americans indicated that Russia topped their list of concerns. Russian spies may have been indicated, and Manafort may ultimately go to jail for being an unregistered lobbyist for Ukraine a decade ago, but nobody apparently takes very seriously the notion that the election was rigged, and Donald Trump is a Russian sleeper agent.

None of this will likely have much impact on the Democratic Party's approach to the upcoming midterms. Facing reality has clearly become much too painful to be contemplated. The fact remains, however, that most of America is headed one way and the Democratic Party the other. No doubt some seats will flip, and some Democratic Congressmen will win seats currently held by Republicans.

But, if you are waiting for the Blue Wave, you are going to be sitting on the beach, high and dry for a very long time.

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