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Brennan And A Disastrous Legacy

An Open Letter to Mr. Brennan
John Brennan
John Brennan
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A Record Of Unparalleled Failure And Lies

In a previously published article in December 2016 I detailed the disastrous tenure of former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan and his quest to appease President Obama, John Kerry and Obama's former national security apparatus by pushing for the Iran nuclear deal. Thankfully, President Trump dumped that deal into the dustbin of history. If Brennan's miscalculations about Iran weren't enough, he also voted for the Communist party Presidential candidate in 1976. Brennan's judgment is biased, flawed, and his national security credentials should immediately be revoked by Trump. His continued attacks against Trump and current United States (US) foreign policy and national security are destabilizing US relations globally and particularly in Asia.

Brennan's blasts against Trump are not based in reality as demonstrated by two events that have rattled the Chinese government. A recent South China Morning Post reiterated the danger to Chinese companies if the US goes through with its threat of trade wars to adjust trade imbalances between the two nations. Du Wanhua, Deputy Director of an advisory committee to the Supreme People's Court said,

"It's hard to predict how this trade war will develop and to what extent, but one thing is sure: if the US imposes tariffs on Chinese imports following an order of US $60 billion, US $200 billion, or even US $500 billion, many Chinese companies will go bankrupt."

While no one wants a trade war, this could possibly be a step towards stopping President' Xi's escalating tensions with Taiwan. Without a strong economy this could end China's harassment of Taiwan. But Brennan never takes this type of policy action into account when it comes to his criticism of the US executive branch of government. Moreover, Trump is widely criticized by western media – led by Brennan – over his abrasive, confrontational tone and use of Twitter but what if it is working in Asia?

A late July article in the international Financial Times titled, "The Chinese are wary of Donald Trump's creative destruction," shows the US is finally challenging China militarily, financially and diplomatically something no US President, Congressional leader or former CIA Director has done in recent memory. This is a welcomed policy move for Eurasia and Asian peace and prosperity.

Brennan's lies are now coming back to haunt him, and he is becoming recognized as nothing more than a mouthpiece for the former administration, the US Democratic party and US media outlets that pay him on a consistent basis to speak against US foreign policy and national security. These news outlets are openly hostile to the US-led post World War II order – and if it collapses – the consequences are devastating for Asia. At this time Brennan is their spokesman.

The CIA hasn't been left in this bad of shape since the abrupt resignation of former CIA Director John M. Deutch under President Clinton. At least the vast majority of former CIA Directors had the experience and gravitas for the position unlike Brennan. Esteemed historian Victor Davis Hanson has written about Brennan being, "the poster boy for a lack of veracity."

Disturbingly here are facts about Brennan's career before assuming the CIA post according to former CIA operative Sam Faddis:

"Brennan was never a spy, case officer, experienced or seasoned analyst; nor did he ever work in far-flung CIA outposts recruiting sources or running operations. It's doubtful – based on your record – you [Brennan] ever understood human intelligence. What propelled your career was earning the designation of CIA Presidential briefer. You gave Clinton in-person Presidential briefings – the job of a junior analyst – by reading intelligence gathered, analyzed and written by others to the then Commander-in-Chief."

What Brennan did was establish a personal relationship with Clinton that he used to propel his career unlike few others have ever done. He gained a job within the Obama administration, because he was an established US Democratic Party apparatchik who did their bidding, instead of giving unbiased, rational analysis. Certainly Brennan never voted on or made decisions on whether to send men and women into harm's way. Freedom of speech is celebrated in America and western democracies but you're also not allowed to yell, "fire," in a crowded building, which is what Brennan is doing by consistently attacking Trump and Asian security without understanding a new direction was needed after Brennan's time at the CIA.

Reviewing the world Brennan left behind is what reveals his disastrous tenure helming the CIA. Brennan approved giving the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism – Iran – via the nuclear deal $150 billion, a ballistic missile program and a pathway to nuclear weapons without ever considering how Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and other affected nations would react. His policy of "strategic patience" with North Korea produced zilch. Foreign Affairs chronicled in late July how Brennan and the previous administration did very little to deter cyber attacks against US elections, the power grid or Russian hackers.

Additionally, Japan needs an entirely new military strategy since under Brennan's watch the Chinese were allowed to militarize the East China and South China Sea. Of course Brennan would never admit what a fool he was sitting idly by when the Chinese built 29 PLA air force and naval bases within fighter range of the Japanese-held Senkaku Island (known in China as the Diaoyu). The US and Japan only have four bases within the same distance.

With Russia Brennan believed talking tough and having former Secretary of State Clinton present Putin with a red reset button would normalize relations. Nary a word was said when Obama said on a hot mic to President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia that he would have "more flexibility," after his 2012 reelection campaign. Surely Brennan would have known that flexibility would produce the Crimean annexation, weaponization of Russian energy sources for Putin's geopolitical gains and partnering with Shia militias through Iran to rescue Syrian President Assad.

Brennan allowed Russia to set the Middle East on fire – creating Syria – the disaster for a generation and upending decades of regional balancing that has now stretched into Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Southeast Asia. He also let Venezuela implode, Libya be destroyed, and sat befuddled while Yemen descended into Iranian backed civil war (through the Houthi's) that has been called by the United Nations, "an entirely man-made catastrophe."

Nothing Brennan says or does should be trusted. Senator Rand Paul should continue his campaign to discredit Brennan and never let him near national security secrets while Trump is President. Brennan is harming Asian and Eurasian interests and global security by his continued Twitter-rants and media appearances. Asia at-large would be wise to discard what Brennan says.

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