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Black Americans Start to Walk Away

Black Americans Start to Walk Away
Black Americans Start to Walk Away
Black Americans Start to Walk Away
Black Americans Start to Walk Away - The Democratic Party Is Facing Catastrophe - Black americans don't need another government program to make them marginally more comfortable while they sit forgotten and ignored in poverty. | Photo: James Faddis | Black, Americans, Party, Poverty, Trump,

The Democratic Party Is Facing Catastrophe

Black unemployment is at its lowest level in history, falling below 6% for the first time since statistics began to be kept by race in the 1970's.


A recent survey conducted by two small business financing companies, Guidant Financial and LendingClub Corporation determined that the number of black-owned businesses had increased by 400% in the last year.


A recent Rasmussen poll found that 36% of African-Americans approved of the job President Trump was doing.


Even other polls, which are historically anti-Trump show the President's support among black voters in the neighborhood of 16%, double what it was in 2016.


Yet, virtually none of these developments has received coverage in mainstream news outlets. Instead, the same barrage of negative news items attempting to paint the President as a racist and his policies as anti-minority continues. The reason is obvious, self-preservation. The media outlets in question are overwhelmingly aligned with the Democratic Party, and that party lives or dies depending on the result of the battle for black votes.

The modern Democratic Party has been built on three pillars, the votes of college-educated liberal whites, the votes of blue-collar white workers and the votes of African Americans. The Trump victory in 2016 marked the demolition of that second pillar, as massive numbers of white workers walked once and for all away from a party that had shifted too far to the left for them. When Bill Clinton was President over 50% of Democratic votes came from whites without college degrees. That figure is hovering around 33% today and falling fast.

That leaves the Democratic Party increasingly desperate to maintain support amongst black voters to survive. Fully 19% of Democrats are black. In a tight, highly competitive political environment even the defection of 16% of African-Americans means disaster for the Democratic party. Its continued electoral survival is fully dependent on maintaining what amounts to a virtual monopoly on the votes of black Americans.

Unfortunately for the Democrats their policies, long trumpeted as designed to improve the lot of average African-Americans, have proved disastrous. It has been over fifty years since President Johnson launched the so-called War on Poverty, and by any measure the big government, entitlement driven approach taken since then has been a catastrophic failure.

Twenty-seven percent of African-Americans live in poverty. That is double the percentage of whites. Thirty-eight percent of black children grow up in poverty. Keep in mind that in order to be considered to be living in poverty by the US government a family of four has to be bringing in a whopping $25,000 a year. Anything over that and you don't qualify.

The real impact of the government programs, which have marked the last fifty years, however, cannot be measured simply by looking at the poverty rate. These policies focused on entitlements and "handouts" rather than on education and economic opportunity have been incredibly destructive of the family structure in the black community and have condemned now generations of poor African-Americans to deep poverty from which there is increasingly no escape.

When this "war" began in 1964 75% of black children were born into married two-parent families. By 2008 72% of black babies were born out of wedlock. Today the rate of unwed motherhood in the black community is double that among whites. This is a direct result of policies that have eroded the institution of marriage, undercut the role of black men in the family and encouraged dependence while doing nothing to increase opportunity.

The fallout from this destruction of the family structure has been catastrophic. Almost 30% of young black men without high school degrees end up incarcerated. Nationwide 40% of black males never earn a degree. The rates in inner cities are often much higher with fully two-thirds of black males failing to earn a diploma.

Areas of large American cities with substantial black populations have become shooting galleries and wastelands. Jobs are non-existent. Even finding food and basic necessities is often a struggle. Education is abysmal. Children born into these areas, surrounded by endemic violence, are condemned from birth to a lifetime without opportunity or hope.

The answer to all of these problems is economic opportunity. Black Americans don't need another government program to make them marginally more comfortable while they sit forgotten and ignored in poverty. They need education, training and, more than anything else, jobs. They don't want handouts. They want a chance to build their own futures and share in the fruits of the American Dream.

Economic expansion, a soaring GDP and the return of manufacturing to the United States mean all of that. In short, the agenda of the current administration, focused as it is on getting America back to work, is good for Americans of all colors. That message is beginning to percolate through the African-American community and as it does it is eating away at allegiance to the failed Democratic Party.

If you are a Republican that is welcome news. If you are struggling to get ahead in a poor black community that is long overdue news. If you are a leader of the Democratic party looking out into a future without black support, that is terrifying news.

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