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US Air Force 24-7 Over Syria

US Air Force F 22

Charles Faddis
Charles Faddis
Former CIA operations officer, Charles Faddis, served for twenty years in the Near East, South Asia and Europe. In May 2008, he retired as head of the CIA's WMD terrorism unit. Charles now hosts The United States of Common Sense. | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich, StipkoPhoto.com | Charles Faddis, Cia, The United States Of Common Sense, Uscs,

Ground Truth - Episode 4: Who Knew? US Controlling Air Space Over Syria?

This video is about the U.S. Air Force establishing 24/7 air combat patrol over Syria in late November 2018, as reported by DEBKA. SamFaddis (@realSamFaddis on Twitter) discusses what's happening, who's talking and not talking about it and how Obama's horrible choices have brought us to this point.

Excerpt from the video: "....A couple of questions come to mind at least. One, what's going on? Why did we just seize control of the territorial air space of another nation? And, second, why aren't we talking about it? Well, the what is Iran. Barack Obama in his infinite wisdom a few years ago when he signed the disastrous nuclear accord. Also, effectively scrapped the entire nuclear containment policy that we had maintained for about forty years to keep the Ayatollahs bottled up and relatively speaking under control. He then handed them a $150 billion dollars and told them to have fun. So this is sort of the functional equivalent of handing a pyromaniac a can of gas and a box of matches and cutting him loose. So, the effect was predictable, the Iranians have set the Middle East on fire from Yemen, to Lebanon, to Iraq to Syria and one of the results is that we now have effectively the legion of doom parked on the northern border of Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

We have Hizbollah which is not just a terrorist group anymore it is an army. We have a whole bunch of Iraqi Shiah militia which are basically Hizbollah clones built by the Iranians. We've got the Iranians themselves, we've got Russian technical advisors - all of these folks armed to the teeth and in possession of, among other things, something like around 150,000 missiles and rockets capable of hitting literally every square inch of Israeli territory. This is not a nuisance for the Israelis, this is not an inconvenience for the Israelis, this is rapidly becoming an existential threat to the continued existence of the state of Israel. The Israelis on their own, with limited assistance from the U.S., have been trying for the past year to interdict the flow of advanced weaponry into Lebanon and Syria.

We have now obviously decided that that didn't work that wasn't sufficient and our now serving notice to the Iranians and their allies that if you continue to trundle down this path.and continue to flow in troops and weapons all hell is going to break loose...

We will see if that works...

The why, as to why we're not talking about it is because Barack. Because the cult of personality of Barack Obama demands that we continue to maintain the fiction that he was one of our greatest presidents... That he never made a misstep...

He was the most disastrous president... since at least Jimmy Carter. We will be digging out in Syria and elsewhere for at least another decade."

Listen to the entire video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzPTzQGp2KY
Published 29 November, 2018.

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