Meet Black Hammer: The Guys Who Think Black Lives Matter Is Too Soft


We are well into the second year of an ongoing Marxist revolution in this country – mounted by groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) and a host of other communist organizations. As with all revolutionary movements, the level of violence and extremism is escalating all the time. This is not a static situation, and one can see that clearly in the rhetoric of a recently emerged group called “Black Hammer.”

Black Hammer is run by an individual calling himself Gazi Kodzo. Kodzo describes the organization as follows:

“The Black Hammer is an anti-colonial mass organization. Our organization consists only of Colonized people, non-white people: they are all either Poor or Proletarian. We allow whites to Pay Reparations to our organization and volunteer, but they cannot attend our meetings, hold any office, have a say or decision.
The Black Hammer’s credo is that the organization is focused on building Black Power. Our mission is, under the leadership of the Colonized Proletariat, to use our collective power to strengthen all sectors of the Colonized Nation.”

Hood Communist

Kodzo was apparently thrown out of the African Socialist Party, itself an extremely radical organization because he was too racist even for them. He has been described by some as a “Black Hitler” and posted pictures of himself online holding a semi-automatic pistol and smiling into the camera. He has also posted online pictures and videos appearing to glorify and promote the rape of white women by black men.

For that last year, Black Hammer has been trumpeting the establishment of Hammer City, an autonomous enclave to be built in Florida. This new proto-state was intended to be reserved expressly for non-whites and be the genesis of a Communist nation within what is now the United States. Fundraising via GoFundMe has been ongoing for this project for some time. Recently, though, the location of this new black and indigenous homeland appears to have changed. The group is now saying that it has “liberated” two hundred acres somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. The implication is that Hammer City will now be built In Colorado instead of Florida. Allegedly, construction of the first buildings at this site has either just begun or is about to begin.

Obviously, no white people are allowed to join Black Hammer. Fear not, though, if you are a white person overcome with guilt and wish to atone for the actions of your race, Black Hammer does have a place for you.

“Are you white? Do you want to help? Do you want to be a good person, on the right side of history?
The only way you can wash the blood off your hands is through following the leadership of African, Indigenous, and Colonized people and paying reparations for all that’s been stolen in your name.”
“Black Hammer Organization wants you to join the Reparations Corps to relearn history and find your place in building a world without exploitation. The tuition for the boot camp is the start of paying reparations. This is your way colonizers (white people) to get involved in changing the world, make the choice today to get on the right side of history.”
“Mao Level – $199 minimum”
“Sankara Level – $99 minimum”
“Che Level – $40”

Black Hammer on Twitter

Not surprisingly for an obviously overtly racist organization, Black Hammer also expresses strong anti-Semitic attitudes and blames Jews for many of the problems in the black community. In posts concerning the establishment of the new Colorado enclave, Black Hammer members have disparagingly referred to burning copies of The Diary of Anne Frank in order to keep warm in the mountains at night.

To really understand how extreme Black Hammer is, though, you probably need to look at its attitude toward Black Lives Matter. You may think of BLM as a radical, Marxist organization. Not Black Hammer. For them, BLM is a bunch of sellouts owned by “whitie.”

“Although the founders of Black Lives Matter are allegedly “trained Marxists,” the fact that they were trained by white Weather Underground radicals who didn’t have the support of the masses shows that they are not true revolutionaries.

So no, Black Lives Matter is not a real Marxist movement; they are just another example of white power in Black face.”

“The Black Hammer Organization will not repeat this history, and we do not support any of this weak reformism or undisciplined thrill-seeking.”

Black Hammer

It may be easy to read the outlandish statements penned by Black Hammer members and dismiss the group as being of little consequence. This would be a mistake. Social media posts and activity on the Internet show that there are Black Hammer chapters all across the nation and that they are deadly serious when they talk about their intentions.

None of those intentions have anything to do with reform. This is not a group looking to work within the existing political, economic and social structure. This is a revolutionary organization bent on burning down the system and replacing it with something built entirely on Marxist lines.

“We believe the Colonized Proletariat should have dictatorship over our lives, labor, land, and resources.“

America is the most important Evil Empire in all of human history. No state has shed so much blood, no country has caused such massive destruction.”

Black Hammer, Principles of Unity

Black Hammer’s website includes material for members to use in “educating” them and indoctrinating them in revolutionary thought. The website also includes an online library for members to access and school themselves. The dozens of volumes contained in that library include tracts such as:

  • “The Genius of Huey P. Newton”, one of the founders of the original Black Panthers, a group connected to the assassination of over thirty police officers.
  • “Guerilla Warfare: A Method”, by Che Guevera.
  • “How We Won the War,”, by North Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap.
  • “On Organization” Joseph Stalin.
  • On Guerilla Warfare”, Mao Tse Tung.

This is not a group of individuals playing at revolution. This is a group that is deadly serious and means exactly what it says. Black Lives Matter is wasting time and taking half measures. They need to get out of the way and let serious revolutionaries begin the real war.

We would do well to listen to them while we still have time.