Ignoring The Facts – Why Did The Boulder Shooting Suspect Choose His Target?


The “One-stop Shop for Kosher Groceries”

A few days ago a Muslim Syrian immigrant to the United States walked into a Jewish Kosher grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, and shot up the place. Ten people are dead. The shooter is in custody.

The individual arrested, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, is a Muslim and all ten victims were white. Alissa apparently has expressed pro-ISIS sympathies in the past. He has for many months complained about his belief that Muslim immigrants to the United States are subjected to discrimination. He is a staunch opponent of Donald Trump.

Allisa’s social media accounts have now been shut down. Screenshots taken of posts on his Facebook account show a string of comments suggesting growing anger with perceived Islamophobia as well as substantial paranoia.

“Just curious what are the laws about phone privacy because I believe my old school (a west) was hacking my phone. Anyone know if I can do anything through the law?”

AlIssa Facebook post, 2019

“Yeah if these racist Islamophobic people would stop hacking my phone and let me have a normal life I probably could.”

AlIssa Facebook post, 2019

“The Muslims at the #christchurch mosque were not the victims of a single shooter. They were the victims of the entire Islamophobia industry that vilified them.”

AlIssa Facebook post, 2019

Alissa repeatedly expressed his opposition to gay marriage and abortion and also shared an article lambasting Donald Trump over immigration on social media.

Today the New York Times posted an article at the top of its front page online. The headline?

“Authorities Seek a Motive in the Boulder Mass Shooting”

The New York Times, 24 March 2021

Ahmad Alissa: Boulder Shooting Terror Motive Unlikely, Reports Say

“The motive for the nation’s second major mass shooting in a week remains unknown…”


“Motive in Boulder shooting still remains unknown.”


Per Pete Williams of MSNBC, federal sources recently told him they see no evidence that the mass shooting was a terror attack or terrorism-related. The list of such statements is virtually endless. To the Times and most other corporate media outlets, it seems this is a mystery without any clues.

Jewish News Syndicate, “Colorado Jewish Community Is ‘Shaken to Core’…
Logan Ratick, via Twitter, 23 March 2021

Let’s be clear. The fact that Alissa is Muslim, apparently enraged by what he perceives as anti-Muslim bias in the United States, went out less than ten days ago and bought a rifle and then attacked what is widely advertised as a ‘One-stop Shop for Kosher Groceries’ in Colorado is not an indictment of anyone other than Alissa. His actions are his own. They do not reflect on the broader Muslim community and any suggestion otherwise is clearly unwarranted. For every guy like this engaging in possible terrorism, there are untold numbers of Muslims worldwide dedicated to peaceful coexistence and an interpretation of the Koran that has nothing to do with killing or violence.

By the same token, however, to ignore the salient facts in this case – and pretend we cannot see them – is political correctness gone mad. Are we to believe that Alissa wandered into a Jewish grocery in Boulder without any knowledge of the nature of the establishment? In a city of over 100,00 – which is part of the much larger Denver metropolitan area – Alissa randomly, with no knowledge of the target chose this one?

Any competent investigator looking at the facts of the case would begin his or her inquiry with the theory that Alissa walked into King Sooper because he expected it to be filled with the enemies of “his people” – Jews. Would that be the end of the inquiry? By no means, but no one with any common sense would ignore the obvious facts in front of them.

And, yet, we see the corporate media – which continues to peddle the fiction that it is out to find the truth – doing exactly that. There can be only one explanation for that – political correctness. If a man with a history of anti-gay comments walked into a gay nightclub and opened fire, the first headlines splashed across the Internet would concern homophobia and how it had led to violence. A white man with a history of racial slurs who opened fire in a black church would most certainly, and with complete justification, be considered to have likely committed a hate crime even before any other facts were known.

Not here. Not in the upside-down world of political correctness where it is demanded that you dispense with all logic and common sense and deny the obvious.

We are told endlessly by the self-declared guardians of truth and decency in the media that we must follow the facts, listen to reason and dispense with prejudice and bias. In reality, what is being imposed upon us is the exact opposite. We are now every day expected to self-censor, parrot the absurd and adhere to the dogma of the new religion of political correctness.

I don’t know why Alissa did what he did. If I were in charge of the investigation, though, I would most certainly start with the theory that he is an angry young man corrupted by a twisted perverse version of Islam and lashing out at the those he has been taught are oppressors. Then I would run that ‘to ground’ and see if the facts supported that thesis or if something very different was afoot.

What would I not do? Ignore reality. Ignore the facts.