The Never-Ending War Part 3 – The Appropriate Warriors


The “war on terror” is an un-winnable war with no clearly defined enemy, and militaries should never be sent to engage in war without such.  Doing so inevitably creates never-ending forever wars. But we are not at war with terror.  We are at war with violent Islamic jihadists.  And they can be defeated.  However, the primary warriors for this are not uniformed military men and women with tanks and fighter jets and warships. Bullets and bombs, missiles and machine guns will not suffice in this war.  The most apt warriors for this are humanitarian-aid workers, religious scholars and workers, and members of the intelligence community.

No one is born a terrorist; they are all created.  And there are two primary sources that contribute to the radicalization of Muslims.  One is socio-economic, and the other is religious, both of which absolutely must be combatted in this battle against Islamic jihadists.

It goes without saying that many of the violent young suicide bombers who blow themselves up in acts of martyrdom, and the young men who go off to wage holy war as jihadists, were forged by the evil fires of despair.  And who better — who easier — to convince that heinously murdering innocent people is the only way for certain that one can enter into eternal salvation, Paradise with God, than angry young men dwelling in urban slums and refugee camps with no hope of ever escaping the awful realities found in their very real worlds of despair?  Personally, I can think of no other.  As such, it seems logical that we would wholeheartedly fight to eliminate poverty, given that it is a determinant for many people who join terrorist organizations.  And who better to do this than humanitarian-aid workers?  The truth is, whether the men and women delivering aid and fighting to end poverty in the world’s slums and refugee camps know and believe so or not, they are anything but mere “do-gooders.”  They are sacrificial warriors on the frontlines of the “war on terror” just as they — the people with the skill-sets necessary to combat the unrelenting poverty found in the slums and refugee camps across the Arab world — should be.

We must, however, fully recognize this is also a religious war.  Beyond the poverty found in the slums and refugee camps, somewhere along the way, every single one of these terrorists — all of whom are equally heading towards their own deaths alongside their innocent victims — are brainwashed into believing the evil acts of violence they commit offer the elusive chance of reaching Paradise.  And it is not only America who is at war with these evil jihadists and the heresy they are being inseminated with.  They are equally despised across the entire Arab world.  From Morocco in the West to Iraq in the East, from Syria in the North all the way South throughout the Arabian Peninsula, the masses of God-fearing, peace-loving Muslims, many of whom are highly devout, regularly pray for the violent jihadists’ demise as they are incredibly sickened with how these evil men and women have hijacked their religion.

That said, with this being to a certain extent a religious war, it requires religious warriors.  This is where the worldwide Muslim community, Islamic scholars, and new types of Muslim missionaries come into play.  This evil, virulent strain that continues to try and hijack Islam, and the heresy the recruiters are indoctrinating their recruit-hopefuls with, absolutely must be confronted and defeated from within Islam.

And finally, we must trust and support our intelligence community to help lead this battle against violent Islamic jihadists.  Without a doubt, for our intelligence officers to do their jobs, they absolutely must have eyes and ears on the ground in the places the jihadists eat, sleep, breathe, live, operate, recruit and plan.  In other words, in the slums and refugee camps, the mosques and religious schools.  As such, it is incontestable that the primary soldiers on the frontlines of this battle are humanitarian-aid workers and religious scholars.  They are the warriors on the ground seeking to practically combat poverty and religious heresy.  They also are eyes and ears on the ground with the ability to recognize the people who their well-intentioned efforts unfortunately cannot help. And it is in those instances the intelligence officers and their teams of special forces soldiers must silently and secretly eliminate the threat.